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If you’ve ever had a hangover, you probably felt like you were going to die and promised yourself you would never drink again. In fact, in the words of my best friend, “If, one morning, you woke up feeling like you do with a hangover, but you hadn’t drank the night before, you would think something was seriously wrong like you were actually dying.” Sometimes the extremity of your hangover seems without rhyme or reason, but despite that, hangovers are awful and you feel like there is no escape. Here are a few GIFs to describe what a hangover truly feels like, although nothing can accurately portray as bad as it feels.

You attempt to put on a natural facade, but inside your really feeling like:

everything hurts

Your legs aren’t really holding you up and at any moment you feel may just tumble over

dog fall over

You sit in the shower waiting for the pain to go away

cat bucket

Thinking: what did I drink last night?!?!?!

How could I be alive and feel like this? Last night was so fun, but was it worth feeling like this…

we survived but dead

It honestly feels like this happened to your body:

meangirls bus

Your friends are completely fine and want to do activities and you don’t seem okay, but you’re like:

dont worry

and your head and body feel like they’re doing this:


and the dizziness comes in waves.

Any form of movement could spark pain or the need to throw up

cameron diazhungover

And if there is any bright light you’re doomed without sunglasses, so you probably will not leave the dark hole of your room

the light

And there is nothing anyone can do to help you

30 rock

Because you did it to yourself…


Do you ever get bad hangovers?

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[all GIFs via giphy]