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Carlie is a senior at UMASS Amherst. She is a communications major and psychology minor with a focus in interpersonal communication. Read more posts by her here!

We may not be as wealthy as we’d all like to be- okay let’s face it we might be virtually broke college students, but we are still capable of having an awesome Halloween party. Expensive Party City decorations and fake bats from the Halloween Store? Think again! Throwing the perfect party for Halloween is less expensive and easier than you thought it just requires a little time and creativity (and maybe the help of an artistic friend). Check out these awesome tips on everything from food, to decorations, to booze. Happy Halloween!


No matter how great your party decorations might be, no good party is complete without great food! Appetizers and finger foods are the best, and most cost-efficient option. You don’t need to go crazy and serve crab claws or caviar, but come on we’re all adults I think our days of Pizza Bagel Bites are long gone. You can make small appetizers that will taste great, look great, and not put you in debt! Try making an easy dip and serve with your favorite store bought chips!

halloween dip(via)

This easy to make Halloween dip from Amee’s Savory Dish makes a great party food because it’s inexpensive to buy the ingredients and makes a large amount of dip so there will be plenty for everyone!


These adorable marshmallow treats from Knead To Cook make a great Halloween inspired treat. Marshmallows are fairly inexpensive and these candy corn marshmallows don’t take much time to make. Your friends will love these and you can make a bunch of them without spending much.


*Note: we do not support underage drinking. Please drink responsibly*

You can’t throw a Halloween party without booze! Just because we can’t afford Grey Goose and Patron doesn’t mean we need to serve shots of Rubinoff. Come on, we can be a little bit classier than that! Try making a vat of mixed drinks or a bowl of punch to conserve alcohol. Shots will empty your bottles faster than you think, and beer can be a waste of money.

vampire punch(via)

This delicious punch from Kleinworth & Co. is easy to make and perfect for your Halloween Party. All you’ll need to do is follow this simple recipe for awesome drinks everyone will love. The recipe is non-alcoholic so we recommend adding Smirnoff (original or strawberry) or Pinacle (original or whipped). Feel free to add your own twist!


  • Per glass
  • 1/2 cup V8 Splash- Acai Berry flavor
  • 2 ounces grenadine
  • 1/2 cup club soda
  • 1 licorice whip for the straw


  1. Combine all ingredients in glass – serve cold but without ice.
  2. You could make this by the punch bowl full but using several bottles of each ingredient & mixing. Keep well chilled. This tastes best very cold & I do not advise using dry ice.


Every party needs good music and good decorations to set the mood of Halloween. Pandora and Spotify have great playlists to help make your music planning easy. As far as decorations go, you don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations, there are so many things you can make using things in your house.


These DIY ghosts from Simply Designing are perfect for your party. They are easy to make and inexpensive. Hang them on your front porch or in your living room for an awesome touch to your Halloween party.

halloween wine bottles


If you have a few empty wine bottles lying around, these DIY wine bottle decorations from  Lombardo Lagniappe make a great accent for your countertops. These bottles look really cute and you can save them to reuse for next year as well!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?