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Hey, it’s National Punctuation Day! Except that for here at CampusRiot, every day is National Punctuation Day. That’s because nothing pains us more than seeing college students who are still composing sentences like they’re texting their BBF during gym class.

Actually, it pains us even more to meet college graduates who don’t know that there’s a difference between someone being “21 years old” and being a “21-year-old.” Heck, we’ve met college graduates who still haven’t figured out that whole “to”/”too” thing.

It is really sad to say that we’re not joking. Sigh.

You might have stumbled upon that college website where some deep thinker wrote about a “grizzly” murder in a city neighborhood. We don’t see many grizzlies in our neighborhood. But if one ever attacked us there, it would certainly be a grisly murder–if you think a bear can be accused of murder. That gets complicated.

Anyway, the important thing is that even really smart people end up with some blind spots when it comes to proper grammar. This infographic does a fine job of covering some of the most common errors. Learn it, love it, live it. And don’t forget that there would still be two commas in that sentence if we had added “and” before “live it.” That’s important…

grammar goofs

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In honor of National Punctuation Day: Have any grammar faux pas you can’t stand?