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We’ve heard of Beyonce courses and video game scholarships, but nothing, and we do mean nothing, beats Boston University’s Harry Potter-themed sex-ed class.

According to the Boston Globe, a sex-ed program at the school was organized by Michelle Goode and Jamie Klufts, who thought it would be a good idea to include Hogwarts into their discussion about sex. “A lot of students entering college don’t actually get a foundation in sexual health, so we are going back to the basics, and finding ways to loop in references and scenarios from Harry Potter,” said Klufts.

Apparently, Klufts and Goode felt that J.K. Rowling did not discuss sex enough (or really, at all) in her books, and that it was a missed opportunity to reach millions of readers and educate them on sex.

We can imagine that there are a lot of sexual innuendos that these two are pointing out from the book. Take for example when Hagrid says this line: “Big Bones. I’ll give her big bones!” That’s just a joke, obviously.

The program explores relationships, drinking responsibly, practicing safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases.

This of course isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Harry Potter-themed class. Frostburg State University in Maryland has a “Science of Harry Potter” class which analyzes magic by exploring physics, biology and chemistry.

Safe to say, we think we would have more fun at “Sex-Ed at Hogwarts.”

Head over to the Boston Globe to read more.

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