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College campuses across the country are bringing their A-game on the health front. Amenities geared towards improving the health and wellness of students are popping up at tons of academic institutions. Read on to see some of the craziest college campus amenities around. Yeah, we thought healthified vending machines were cool, too. That is, until we saw these fancy facilities…



(Image via The College Solution)

As if the picture above wasn’t enough to make you kind of, sort of, really hate UCLA students, the school’s health center was ranked #1 in the country by The Princeton Review, and rightly so. UCLA offers its students acupuncture and massage therapy appointments, as well as fitness classes, mind and body workshops and chair massages. And you were excited about the free q-tips in your school’s locker room. Sad.

“Class? What’s that? I have an acupuncture appointment to get to.”


Oberlin Dining.jpg

(Image via Oberlin)

Don’t let the size — 2,900 undergrads — of this Ohio college fool you: the liberal arts institution makes sure its small student body looks after their own bodies. Healthy, helpful diagrams are placed next to all dining hall offerings, deeming them “heart-healthy” or “farm-to-fork,” and stating whether or not the food is certified organic and/or gluten free. One of the campus cafeterias even boasts a “Simple-600 Station,” where prepared meals are guaranteed to ring in at or under 600 calories. We love it when life’s made easy like that, don’t you? No calorie-counting Fitbits needed.

University of Missouri

U Missouri Gym.jpg

(Image via Greatist)

If this facility’s amenities aren’t enough to get you up and over to the gym, we don’t know what is. The Mizzou Aquatic Center at the University of Missouri in Colombia has a 50-meter indoor pool, a diving well, and–wait for it– the “Tiger Grotto,” (pictured above) complete with a lazy river (not joking) surrounded by palm trees, flat-screen TVs, and waterfalls. Hit up this wet oasis after completing your workout in “The Jungle Room,” one of the countless impressive indoor facilities at the university. You will probably forget that classes even exist, but you’ll also be in the best shape of your life, so there’s that.

What’s your ideal healthy campus amenity?

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