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Nothing says summer like pigging out on desserts any chance you get.  Whether you’re eating ice cream sundaes at your local Cold Stone, making s’mores by the campfire or baking cakes for summer holidays, desserts in the summer are inevitable. But if you’re looking to be more on the healthier side this summer, there are some alternative sweet desserts that’ll give you your sugar fix, but won’t have your calories skyrocketing.

Fruit ice pops:

healthy desserts

Your best bet will be to make them yourself, and trust us, they are easy! All you had to do is get ice pop molds, then dice up for favorite fruit. Combine the pieces with fresh juice or water and freeze!

Frozen yogurt:

Frozen Soft Serve Yogurt

It’s lower in calories and in sugar, but you still get that feeling that you’re eating ice cream! Just A Taste has this great recipe for DIY frozen yogurt which looks delicious!

Fruit salads:
Heallthy Organic Fruit Salad

This is pretty straight forward, but trust us, it will satisfy your sweet tooth. To be a bit more creative with it, maybe add in some raisins, chocolate chips, or granola to turn into a form of an acai bowl.

Snow cones:


They’re great for having at a fair or a carnival, but snow cones are good pretty much any where. Now, the syrup used in these can be sugar-filled, so we suggest using 100% real fruit juice as a topper or coffee/tea!

Fondue fruit:

Rainier cherries dipped in black chocolate

Dipping fruit in chocolate, vanilla, or even strawberry is probably the greatest idea ever. I mean, sometimes you need a little chocolate in your life and mixing the healthy option of fruit, makes you feel a little less guilty about succumbing to your desire for chocolate.

What are some of your favorite healthy desserts?