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Clarissa Davies is your local cool girl. With her strong sense of determination and freshly pressed Hillary Clinton pantsuit, you will find Clarissa in office one day, or running one. For the time being, she is a Journalism and Media Communications major at Colorado State University. 

Zara DeGroot is well versed in the area of unrequited love. With a dating history as barren as the Gobi desert, she has concluded that she is being saved for a foreign prince. For the time being, she is immersing herself into her journalism and business studies at Colorado State University. 

You have seen them around. Maybe in class or in line at Carl’s Jr. You’ve spoken a few times, about the weather, the latest class assignment or why that kid who sits next to you in Anthropology 100 smells like cottage cheese.

It doesn’t happen immediately, and it has taken a few encounters for it to dawn on you. They’re cute, they have a great hairline, and their personality makes your stomach churn ever so slightly. But maybe that’s the Taco Bell.

What do you call this? An interest, a slight attraction, in another human that is far less than a crush, but definitely not lust. A curiosity that something more could possibly happen, an appreciation that you cannot put into words.

You have a heart sparkle.

Take note, this is NOT the type of crush where you’re actively pursuing this individual. How do you differentiate between the two, you ask? Well, we are here to help you. Read on to see if the following symptoms of having a heart sparkle apply to you with that ~special~ someone you’ve been noticing.

  • Do you find yourself getting a little bit excited to see this person, and exchange strained conversation with them?
  • Do you spend extra time getting the knot out of your hair and put yourself together in the morning in preparation?
  • Does their attention to you make your stomach slightly flutter?
  • Do you appreciate their puppy dog personality and their lighthearted laughter?
  • Do you find yourself enjoying basking in their glow, but not too much? Just ever so slightly?
  • Do you ever get a small crush on your friend, but don’t want them to know, in hopes of catching minuscule feelings?

THEN YOU HAVE A HEART SPARKLE! And it could potentially turn into something more. But for now, it’s an appreciation.