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Melissa Scott is the University of New Haven Campus Representative 

Having a pet in college is a difficult task. It is likely that you live on campus and are not allowed to have pets. However, you might, at best, be able to have a Beta Fish or a Goldfish. While a pet fish sounds like a blast, here is a pet that colleges should consider allowing, and a pet that students should consider owning. Everyone needs a friend sometimes, hedgehogs are the perfect choice! According to, “A hedgehog is fun to watch, quiet, not aggressive, and is fairly easy to care for. It is a clean animal and has very little smell. His food is easily attainable and inexpensive”.

hedgehog chillin

Additionally, their website states that “since hedgehogs are nocturnal, they are best for people who are home in the evenings and at night.” Perfect for college students that are in class by day and home or in their dorm at night!

Here are cute GIFs to make you fall further in love!

1. They can entertain themselves! Look at this little hedgehog bowl!

hh bowling

2. They are very active and like going outside or at least be outside of their cage. It’s just like taking a dog for a walk but no leash required!

hh adventure

3. Hedgehogs clearly make great work out buddies and motivators!

hh workout

4. However, they also love their naps after a long, hard workout.

hh naps

5. Although hedgehogs are very clean animals with little smell, like all animals, occasionally they need a bath.

hh cleanly

6. They happen to enjoy it, and they float too!

hh boyant

7. Hedgehogs are not only cooperative when it comes to bath time, they listen and give great advice when you need a friend to talk to. This is especially true when it comes to drama, this little guy is ready to throw some punches!

hh friends forever

8. Last but not least, they’re more like us than you’d ever imagine. They’re a little bit quirky and might get themselves into tricky situations, but they always come out alright in the end.

hh derpy

Will you consider a hedgehog as your next pet?

All GIFs via when you search: Hedgehogs