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Tanya Loss is a senior at the University of Mass., Amherst and a journalism major. She has an interest  in online journalism and has written for Her Campus and Racked New York in the past. She currently writes from Amherst during her final year at UMass and in between Grey’s Anatomy episodes. You can read more from Tanya here

It’s no secret that Amherst is famous for it’s food. You may have thought you were lucky to land a spot at UMass, but there’s even more to be excited about when it comes to restaurants and places to eat on campus. Here’s a list of our top 10 biggest restaurant hits in Amherst, followed by 10 restaurants that are our personal favorite hole-in-the-walls. We’ve even supplied you with some of our favorite things to get at our picks.

Top 10 Big Hits

Everyone knows ‘em and can’t live without ‘em. The following restaurants are truly what makes Amherst the college town it is- everything from the best late-night munchies to Parent’s Weekend hotspots. The big hit restaurants are timeless and seriously worth checking out if you haven’t yet.

Antonio’s Pizza- Quesadilla slice or Chicken Bacon Ranch slice

Judie’s- any popover on the menu

The Loose Goose Café- The Schultz or The Miles sandwiches are our staff’s favorite picks, but their scones are a great way to start your morning.

Wings Over Amherst– Golden Barbeque or good ol’ original (and a tip: the extra buck or two for waffle fries instead of French fries is so worth it)

Route 9 Diner– Honey Mustard Wrap with Disco Fries

Berkshire Dining Hall (obv)– what’s not to like at this food mecca?

Panda East- Kani Salad and the Chef’s Special Roll (but you gotta get a Scorpion Bowl if you’re going for dinner)

GoBerry– their monthly new flavors are nothing like any other froyo joint you’ve been to before

Pasta E Basta- Their make-your-own pasta is a great dinner option, and we personally love their tomato cream sauce or alfredo.

Bueno y Sano- Two words. Huge. Burritos.


Top 10 Hidden Gems

Looking for something new to try? There are dozens of places to go that don’t beckon the crowds, and trust us, they’re worth it. These gems are tucked away in various parts of Amherst and offer a new spin on food.

Cushman’s Market- French toast or the Big Fred sandwich are go-to’s

Moti Restaurant- Saffron Steak Tips Kabob platter

Johnny’s Tavern- Truffle fries are bomb, as well as the calamari

House of Teriyaki- Teriyaki chicken is a well-done classic

The Black Sheep- Any breakfast sandwich is worth getting, as well as many of the lunch sandwiches (like the Black Sheep Baguette)

Amherst House of Pizza- otherwise known as “AHOP,” they offer more than 50 types of pies (and famous for their Chicken Bacon Ranch)

Mango Mango- Cheap smoothies are always a plus in our book!

Newman Center Café- Great place to get coffee and curly fries, and their annual slider competition is a must-see (or do!)

Whitmore Café- great wraps and sandwiches on the go and on campus

Glazed Donuts- A dive-donut place for sure, but we suggest trying the Maple Bacon donut if you’re in a daring mood

What’s your favorite restaurant in Amherst?


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