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When you think about paying for college, tuition usually pops into your head, and you say “eh, I’ll worry about it when I can accepted.” But there’s another fee that many people don’t think about… at all. The college application fee! That’s right, just to apply to a school you need, in some cases, at least $50. Now multiple that by how many schools you’re applying to… and yes, a little fortune.

When The U.S. News Short List, complied the list of a schools with the highest application fee, we thought it would probably be information you would want to know… so, without further ado… here are the 20 schools that charge the most to apply!

Highest college application fee:

Stanford University (CA) $90 4 (tie), National Universities
Columbia University (NY) $85 4 (tie), National Universities
Duke University (NC) $85 8, National Universities
Boston University $80 41 (tie), National Universities
Dartmouth College (NH) $80 12 (tie), National Universities
University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill $80 30 (tie), National Universities
University of Southern California $80 23 (tie), National Universities
Villanova University (PA) $80 1, Regional Universities (North)
Yale University (CT) $80 3, National Universities
Brandeis University (MA) $75 34 (tie), National Universities
Brown University (RI) $75 14, National Universities
California Institute of Technology $75 10 (tie), National Universities
Carnegie Mellon University (PA) $75 23 (tie), National Universities
College of New Jersey $75 3 (tie), Regional Universities (North)
Cornell University (NY) $75 15 (tie), National Universities
Emory University (GA) $75 21 (tie), National Universities
George Washington University (DC) $75 57 (tie), National Universities
Georgetown University (DC) $75 21 (tie), National Universities
Georgia Institute of Technology $75 36, National Universities

The U.S. News Short List noted that the average application fee in spring 2015 was around $41. It’s important to keep in mind that many schools lower the fee if you apply online. You may also be able to apply for a college application fee waiver, you can check here. Be sure to do your research first!

Did your school make the list of those with the highest college application fee?