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Young love is an amazing thing. Being young and vulnerable opens you up to so many wonderful and life-changing emotions. But being young and in love also allows for a lot of heartbreak that you may have never experienced before, especially when it comes to a high school relationships.

In the video below, high school sweethearts Isobel and Adam are going through an incredible crossroad in their relationship. Adam is going to off to college while Isobel is still in high school. They two talk openly about what it will be like to have a long-distance relationship and the realities of whether or not it will last.

“I want to think that [our relationship will last] more than anything because you’re my best friend,” she says. “Everything is perfect right now, I want us to last so much. Of course, I want us to last but I have doubts that things will happen.”

Adam responds in true young love fashion…. “Even if you know there’s something that might not last, it’s still beautiful to have in the moment.”

Heart strings pulled.

It’s particularly incredible how mature these two are speaking out their relationship. They even touch upon cheating. They also seem to be very aware of what they want and need.

While it’s sad to say that most high school relationships do not make it. One study found that only 5 percent of high school relationships transitioning into college survived beyond freshman year.

Of course, 5% is better than nothing. Also, we’re not sure where Isobel is attending school — perhaps the same one? Although, we do argue you should always go to the school of your choice… never follow anyone when making a huge decision like this…

Watch the video below, and be prepared to go back to high school.

Do you think high school relationships can last through college?