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If you’re a senior in college, you’re likely thinking about applying for jobs. Of course you want to get a position you’re going to love, but you also probably need that schmoney. So, Glassdoor’s latest posts about the 20 highest paying startup unicorns, or companies valued at more than $1 billion, is something you need to read.

Glassdoor found 153 companies listed on Crunchbase Unicorn Leaderboard, and then matched them with its own data to form the list. Many of the companies are a bit surprising, but others are not. For instance, it makes sense that Pinterest made the list, with a median annual base salary or $118,420. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Sure does. But be aware, this is the median salary for all employees — even the big honchos.

Here is the top 10 highest paying startups — head over to Glassdoor to see the full list.

Clouderamedian salary $142,240.

Jawbonemedian annual base salary $130,000.

Medallia median annual base salary $121,920.

Pinterestmedian annual base salary $118,420.

Dropbox – median annual base salary $116,840.

Airbnb – median annual base salary $116,840.

Kabam – median annual base salary $116,840.

AppDynamics – median annual base salary $114,218.

Credit Karma – median annual base salary $111,760.

Okta – median annual base salary $110,000.

Would you like to work at one of these highest paying startups?