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While there are many college students who choose to focus on schoolwork during their college experience, others choose to hold a part-time job, full-time job, or internship.

First, you must decide if getting a job at this time in your life is appropriate and possible. If you are taking a ridiculous amount of hours and already planning your post-grad schooling, taking on a job may not be the smartest idea. On the contrary, if you find yourself just going home after class and turning on Netflix with a bag of popcorn in your lap, you might have the free time that an extracurricular job demands.

Next, you need to find the right people to help you connect with potential employers. College campus career centers are a great place to start your job hunt. They can help with correcting your resume, giving interview advice, and sometimes they have the in on university posted jobs. Don’t overlook the dreaded job fairs either. While there are employers who are looking to hire full-time students after graduation, some companies are always looking for eager students to represent them well as interns or part-time employees.

Here is the part you might not want to hear. You might have to take that appalling waitressing job where you scrub dishes and get yelled at by rude customers at first. I did it, your mother did it, and your grandfather did it.You may have to spend your days under the boiling sun, mowing and landscaping lawns for elderly neighbors. If you think about it logically, it will build your resume and give you plenty of bad/good experience to learn from. An employer would rather see that you mowed lawns for a landscaping company one summer rather than sitting on your couch for three months.

So, you used your available resources and you have landed yourself a job! Now what? Keep your job and college life separate. Don’t go out the night before you are expected to be at work at 8 a.m. the next morning. Don’t discuss your social life with co-workers, even if they are the same age as you. Clean up your social media outlets and completely separate your professional and college life. There are too many risks that you take when you mix your social and work life together. On a side note, be aware that you are taking on extra responsibility when obtaining a part-time job so you still need to make adequate time for your schoolwork, as you won’t have as much free time as your are used to having.

My last bit of advice for you is to save some of that hard-earned money. Yes, at first you will probably go and splurge on a few things after you get dollars signs in your eyes from seeing your first paycheck, and that’s ok. When you get in the swing of things, open a savings account because mom and dad won’t be paying for everything for the rest of your life.

Holding a job in college can be beneficial to your resume, future, and can even help you make connections to people that will hire your full-time post graduation. It should be a fun and learning experience, not stressful and overwhelming.

What do you think about having a job in college?