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We’re broke college students. Our friends are broke college students. We love our friends, but we just don’t have the funds to get them a pair of $200 Beats headphones. And they completely understand – they’re in the same shoes as us.

This holiday season, we should get our friends things that they would want, but wouldn’t necessarily splurge on because they’re not exactly, erm, essential. Nevertheless, our friends wouldn’t mind having these things- they just haven’t gotten around to spending the little money they have on these handy items. This is a holiday gift guide for the broke college student. Let’s buy our buds these gifts so they won’t have to – they would probably do the same for us.

Livin’ La Vida Broka | Human – $27


THIS SHIRT IS AWESOME. This shirt screams the story of college students’ lives. You and a friend should team up and buy this for each other. Then you can match and live happily [broke] ever after.

Chipotle Giftcard | Chipotle – $You choose the amount!


This is actually probably every college student’s dream. A gift card to Chipotle? Game over. You have automatically won best gift giver of Christmas. You should probably put at least $20 on the card so your friend can get at least one and a half burritos…with guac.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm 4 Pack | Target – $9.99



You can never have enough lip balm. Many of us college students lose these guys all of the time. This is the perfect gift because four lip balms = four months’ worth. Your friend will be so grateful she didn’t have to buy this herself – maybe she’ll even give you one!

Coco Loco Socks | Stance – $15


Sweet socks aren’t exactly on the top of everyone’s shopping list, which is kinda lame if you think about it. Pretty socks like this pair are so underrated. I don’t think people understand the value of a comfortable and cool-looking pair of socks until they put them on themselves. Stance has a large selection of socks for him and her. You NEED to check the website out and pick out the perfect pair of socks for your best friend!

Harry Potter inspired Wine Glass| Etsy – $22


So this wine glass is an awesome example of what you can create and do yourself. Etsy has a lot of pre-made decorated wine glasses, but I would recommend that you use that site for inspiration and create your own glasses. That way, you can buy a set of plain wine glasses and then decorate them differently for several of your friends. Hooray!

The World of PostSecretBarnes & Noble – $19.99


Books are such great gifts because people rarely treat themselves to a good old fashioned paperback/hardcover these days. This new PostSecret book would be an awesome option, but it’s not for everyone. Take a look at Barnes & Noble and search for the perfect book for friend.

Cards Against Humanity | Amazon – $25


This game is hilarious and a must-have for young adults. It’s totally an icebreaker that your friend would want around during a night of drinking with old and new friends. As soon as your friend unwraps this present, crack a few beers and start playing ASAP!

I Know Him! Elf Pint Glass | Urban Outfitters – 2 for $10


Ah, Buddy the Elf. A timeless classic. In 20 years, your friend is going to thank you for buying this for him/her. Buy it while you can, you and your friend will thank you for Christmases to come.

Drinking Jenga | Pinterest – DIY!


Have you and your friend ever been at a loss when thinking about which drinking game you should play? Ponder no longer. All you have to do is buy a Jenga set, grab a Sharpie, go to Pinterest, follow directions, and then boom you just made one of the coolest drinking games of all time. Your friend will be able to play this for years to come.

GUM | Pinterest – DIY!


Because who ever wants to actually buy gum for themselves? We always want it, but a little piece of us dies thinking about how much money we spend a year on gum. Do your friend a favor and stock them up for the New Year.


What are you going to buy/make for your fellow broke friend?