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Has a day gone by in the past 10 years when you haven’t texted on your cell phone, listened to music on your iPod, or logged onto you laptop? If you are a true millennial, then the answer is probably no. Your friends are just as wired as you are. So why not hook up your buds, or even your parents, with some of these hip gadgets? Some of the items on here could really come in handy, while others would just make you wardrobe look even more chic than it already is. Here are some awesome tech-savvy gifts that we love:

Hear No Evil Earbuds – Gold | Nasty Gal – $20.00


Ever have a problem wondering if someone stole your white Apple headphones, the ones that EVERYONE else has? Well, if you get your friend these, you’ll never accuse them of stealing your headphones again. Or you could just get them for yourself. Look how blingin they are! (…did I just say that…) These headphones are awesome and are not a bad price compared to some headphones out there. They even come with volume control – oh helllll yeah. Nasty Gal also offers a bunch of other cool headphones too, but some are a bit more pricey.

‘Back Me Up’ iPhone 5 Charger | Nordstrom – $30

portable charger

It has happened to all of us – our beloved phone dies way before we would like it to. You always have that friend who asks, “Do you have an extra phone charger?” but alas, you need it for yourself. Buy your friend this so that she’ll never have to bug you again. Or, ask Santa to get this for you ’cause you know you’re just as guilty.

Super-Wide Angle Phone Camera Lens | Urban Outfitters – $20


This is for you friend who LOVES Instagram. This type of lens is also known as the “fish eye”. If your pal already takes super artsy photos, imagine the amount of fun she’d have with this thing. Also, selfies with a lot of people in the frame are a lot easier to take with this device.

#TheSelfie Remote | Gabba Goods – $19.99


The selfie photography technique has officially taken over iPhones in the hands of millennials…and those younger than us too, obvi. This fun little device makes taking group selfie shots a piece of cake. Maybe give this to your mom so she’ll feel hip and ultra cool.

Emoji Pillows |Throwboy Pillows – $19.99

heartemoji poopemoji


Oh my god. Do you have that friend who sends the SAME emoji no matter what the context of the conversation may be? Well, this website is totally for you. They have a hilarious selection of emoji pillows as well as other online buttons seen often by a lover of the internet.

Gold Standard Bluetooth Speaker | Nasty Gal – $50.00


If we’re being totally honest with ourselves, we want everything in the “home” section of Nasty Gal. This website introduces us to the coolest products, not to mention the prettiest. This is for your friend who loves her tunes and needs to blast them on the go for the world to hear.

Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker | Fancy – $30


So we told you about a normal Bluetooth speaker option, but now check out this WATERPROOF Bluetooth speaker. How many times have you attempted to listen to music in the shower but almost blew up your non-h2o proof device with your wet hands? Yeah, this would be a good thing for all of us. Spread the Christmas cheer and get this for one of your loved ones who love to dance in the mirror, and sing in the shower.

Vans Royer Texting Gloves | Swell – $28.45


So this is for all of us who live in tundra-like climates who would rather keep our hands in our pockets than text our BFF back. Yeah, winters up north are that bad. But have no fear. If you have a friend who takes forever to text you back because of “it being too cold outside,” get her these gloves. They’re super cute and she can text with no problem. Hooray!

Echo Flash Drive | LEIF – $36



If you’re going to buy an expensive, tiny flash drive, it might as well be cute. Buy this for your smart and busy friend so she doesn’t have to.

R2-D2 USB Car Charger | Think Geek – $39.99

R2D2 car charger

So it totally makes sense we found this product from This would totally be an awesome gift for your dad, boyfriend or brother, especially if he’s a Star Wars fan.Or maybe you have a bestie who thinks R2D2 is adorable (like me).

Which product would you totally use?

feature image created by CampusRiot