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CampusRiot Gift Guide Sports Fanatics

As we all know, the holidays are a time to spend with family and friends as well as a time to show those who you care about the most just how much they truly mean to you.  But let’s not forget, it’s also about the gifts.  We all remember when we were younger, waking up on Christmas day, excited, anxious and in many cases, extremely impatient–you know who you are.

That leaves us all with an extremely difficult task: choosing just the right gift for each member of our family.  Now, some people are extremely easy to shop for, you can find a gift for them almost instantly.  On the other hand, we all have family members–and I’m not going to name any names–who are nearly impossible to shop for.  And while some may be more difficult to shop for than others, I feel as though there is one group in particular that deserve the extra thought and consideration.  I’m talking about sports fanatics of course.  Some of you may be thinking, “What’s so difficult about shopping for a sports fan?”  There’s your problem right there.  Sports fans are far more complex than you may think.  First, you have your tailgating experts.  These guys live for sports their through their weekly tailgate, every sporting event revolves around it. Then you have your fantasy nuts–these are a relatively new breed.  These kinds of fans are so in tune with the sport they structure and run their own team.  Talk about dedication.

So in case you’re having trouble finding that perfect gift for your favorite sports fanatic, we’ve found a couple of great ideas to help make your shopping experience a bit less stressful.  So before you begin your holiday shopping spree, check out our ultimate gift guide.

For the Partying Sports Fan:

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller Red Envelope-$29.95

Chillsner Beer Cooler Set

Have you ever accidentally drank a warm beer before?  It’s quite possibly the worst thing ever.  I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.  Well now you never have to worry about that again.  This gift is perfect for any sports fan who loves beer, which is just about all of them.  Whether you’re at a tailgate, watching the game at your friend’s house or the comfort of your own home, every sports fan needs to have one of these.  Who needs blue mountains any way?

Drinking Dart Game$26.99

Drinking Dart Game

I think it’s a safe assumption that not many of you avidly follow professional darts.  Well, what if we added booze to the equation?  Do I have your attention now?  This hilarious dart drinking game is sure to liven up any party or just pass the time by during halftime.  And if your mom asks what you use it for, just say you’re perfecting your hand-eye-coordination.

For the Tailgating Expert:

The Go Plate Amazon-$34.50

The Go Plate

I can’t begin to describe how brilliant this product is.  I’m actually really upset I never thought of this myself.  With The Go Plate, you can carry both your drink and food in the same hand, leaving your other hand for snacking.  Or if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can use your free hand for a second beer!  This will always and forever be a must have at every tailgate you ever go to.

Hitch-N-View Shop Tailgating Ideas-$94.95

Hitch N View

 This would be the perfect gift for any true tailgating junkie.  This allows you to mount your set to the tow hitch receiver on the back of any truck or SUV.  Now, you can watch any sports game at your tailgate without worrying that your tv set may fall over at a moment’s notice.  Because any real sports fanatic remains updated on any scores or highlights.  Try not to worry about the price, trust me, this is definitely worth investing in.

Hockey Stick BBQ Set Uncommon Goods-$59.95

Hockey Stick BBQ Set

We all know food is a vital aspect to every successful tailgate.  But what is any good grill master without the right tools?  This set of tools is made from repurposed hockey sticks from the ice rink all the way to your grill.  How cool is that?  Any tailgating expert would love this gift.  With this set, you can now you can look legit at your tailgate, even if your food doesn’t.

For the Athlete:

Nike Superbad 2.0 Football Gloves Team Express-$39.99

Nike Adult Superbad 2.0 Football Gloves

Have you ever wished you could catch a pass like Calvin Johnson?  Well now you can, or at least look badass in the process.  This is a perfect gift for any football fan.  Whether it’s for high school/college, co-ed leagues, tailgating or just simply to have because they’re incredibly awesome.  Trust me, you’d be surprised at how much these gloves improve your ability to catch a pass.

For the Fantasy Guru:

Fantasy Life by Matthew Berry Amazon-$20.36

Fantasy Life Matthew Berry Book Cover

This is the perfect gift for any and all fantasy sports fans.  In Fantasy Life, Senior ESPN Fantasy Sports Analyst, Matthew Berry, celebrates everything we love about fantasy sports from incredible trophies to embarrassing punishments.  Consider this a must have for all of your fantasy experts.  You might even get some ideas how to improve your own fantasy leagues.  Because as we know, fantasy is a very serious subject, there’s no messing around.

For the Avid Game Attendant:

Ticket Stub Diary Uncommon Goods-$12.00

Ticket Stub Diary

With this gift, no longer do your friends have to stuff their ticket stubs into a cup or box in their room.  Now you can organize and display them all–the way it was meant to be.

For the Couch Potato:

NHL Stanley Cup Popcorn Machine Amazon-$79.99

NHL League Logo Stanley Cup Popcorn Maker

This will probably be the only time where it is acceptable to have butter-fingers when talking sports.  Just imagine how awesome it would be to have your very own version of the Stanley Cup.  Now, imagine that it could make popcorn!  Enough said, right?  This would be perfect for any party or to just watch the game with your friends.

For the Sports Historian:

ESPN All Sports Trivia Challenge Amazon-$32.45

ESPN All Sports Trivia Challenge by USAopoly

Do you have that one friend who just seems to know everything there is about sports?  Well, now you can finally put them to the test.  It’s time to put up or shut up, let’s see how knowledgeable you really are.  Oh, and by the way, you can easily turn this into a fun drinking game, just so you know.

What’s on your wishlist, sports fans?