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CampusRiot Holiday Gift Guide For The Ultimate Party Animal

Not sure what to get your college- age friends and family members?  Chances are, if you know a college student, they probably drink a lot.  Getting actual alcohol as a gift is always nice, but it goes away so quickly, and all you are left with is an empty bottle.  Any real party animal loves a good drinking accessory.  Be it a new drinking came or a cool gadget to make the next party they host even more awesome, there are plenty of cool gifts out there for all of the party animals on your list.  Here are some of our favorite gifts for party people:

“I have a drinking problem” iPhone case | Cafe press – $12.99

I have a drinking problem phone case

Any party girl needs a cool iPhone case to set hers apart from the crowd of iphones present at any college party, and this is a pretty funny one. Also, the two hands one mouth problem is such a struggle, but I guess we would look weird with 2 mouths.  If you are into the whole punny drinking slogan idea, cafe press has tons of stuff, from t-shirts to candle holders.

Bottle Belts | Etsy – $36

Bottle belts

In order to be a party animal, you have to be able to get alcohol to the party, right?  These straps are great for anyone who travels by bike, because you can secure a bottle to your bicycle, and not have to worry about dropping it or weighing down your backpack, strapping a bottle to your bike frees up some space in the bag for more beer.  It is also functional beyond drinking season, because you can use the straps to secure anything cylindrical, like a rolled up towel for the beach.

Nautilus smartphone amplifier | Simply Amplified – $185

nautilusIf your party animal is constantly searching for cool new ways to play music at a party, the nautilus is a great option.  You just put your smartphone inside the amplifier, and it magnifies the sound from your phone.  It works great outside, and is super cool looking, so it can also become a cool focal point of your dorm room, even when there isn’t a rager going on. It can also be customized, and that is always a great option to have when giving a gift.

Single Track Ice Luge | Gadgets and Gear – $19.99

Ice luge

A sure fire way to make any party more awesome is to have an ice luge.  With this awesome mold, you could make an ice luge every day, and have the best party every party.  This is a great gift because the receiver will then get to be known as “that awesome dude who always brings an ice luge to the party.  It also comes in double track.

“Let’s Get Wasted” Drink Hat | Spencer’ s – $16.99

Beer helmet

Drinking helmets are borderline lame, but worn by the right frat dude, can be a pretty funny addition to any party. They are also extremely functional, with two beers in your helmet, and the option to hold two more, you can basically quadruple fist.  Extreme partying.

Pre Game Party Pack Kit | Spencer’s – $21.98

pre game party pack kit

While a pre-game kit may seem pretty gimmicky, these items are pretty much college essentials (except maybe the cups, consider replacing those with some red Solos).  This would make a great item for a secret Santa exchange if you know your person likes to get wasted before the party even starts.

Drunken Tower Drinking Game | Amazon – $17.35

drunken tower game

Basically, this is the adult version of Jenga.  Instead of plain old blocks, some of the pieces have different commands written on them, like “take a shot,”  This game also has potential to be a great DIY item, as you could just buy a regular Jenga set and write on your own commands, creating a customized game that will make your friend feel loved, and drunk.

DropCatch- Magnetic Bottle Opener | Kickstarter – $40+

Drop Catch bottle opener

Despite many people having some sort of bottle opener on their key chain, sometimes finding a way to open your brew can be tricky, and you have to resort to primitive, albeit impressive techniques, like using your teeth or wedging it open my slamming the rim against the table.  This bottle opener is awesome, because you can nail it to the wall, and it collects the cap as you go, which is perfect for anyone collecting bottle caps to make a table or something.

Mighty Purse | Dormify – $99

Mighty PurseOne of the biggest party girl problems one can encounter is that awful moment when your cellphone dies, or the even more awful moment when you lose/break it.  With this handy little clutch, you can keep your phone charged, safe, and rage your heart out, all at the same time.

Drink-A-Palooza | Etsy – $24.99

Drink a Palooza

The classic drinking games, like Beer Pong and Flip Cup, can get pretty messy and take up a lot of space, they can also leave a lot of party-goers feeling left out.  This handy little board game fits on the table, 12 people can play at once, and it encompasses a whole bunch of drinking games.  This game is a good choice for anyone with a tiny room and who easily gets bored of playing the same game over and over.

What’s on your wish list, party animals?