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Around this time of year, we love to watch our favorite holiday movies over and over again. Maybe it’s because they are funny, or perhaps it’s because they give us nostalgia. But you know… you can learn a thing or two from your favorite seasonal films. Don’t believe us? In the video above you’ll learn five valuable lessons from classics.

Take for instance, Home Alone. We learn that when you’re dealing with travel stress, it’s best to stay cool, so you can get better service.

Perhaps you love Elf with Will Ferrell, the lesson learned here is, it’s better to go with sincere gifts than with joke items. People might get offended by those furry handcuffs.

Also, Love Actually, which happens to be my favorite holiday movie of all time, teaches us not to get too crazy during our office holiday parties. Stick to one drink and you’ll forever be able to make fun of everyone else who didn’t.

Watch the video above to learn more life lessons from your favorite holiday movies that will help you avoid some serious awkward Christmas moments.

What are your favorite holiday movies?