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With the increased popularity of vape pens in recent years, many cannabis users are looking towards THC wax for a satisfying high. Dabs like wax can be used in vape pens, which are discreet and don’t have the characteristic smell that smoking marijuana has in a pipe, bong, or joint. Additionally, wax is super strong, allowing users to get effects they’re looking for from a small amount. User beware, however, wax has strongly satisfying hallucinatory effects and produces a substantive physical sensation. THC wax is a perfect product for someone looking for an intense high.

THC Wax: A Brief Overview

As cannabis has seen increased legalization in recent years, the number of THC products on the market has increased, as well. Budder, shatter, and wax are just a few of the concentrates that are becoming widely available. Large-scale manufacturers are able to produce large amounts of marijuana products and build large facilities in the states where the plant has been legalized.

What is THC Wax Used For?

Wax can be created using different strains of cannabis. As in any cannabis-derived product, different strains will produce different effects. THC wax is most often used recreationally. If you have experience with various kinds of marijuana products, THC wax may be an experience you’re ready for. It’s not recommended for first-time cannabis users, though, especially when there are other products you can use in your vape pen that have more subtle effects.

Vape Pens

Many vape pens work very well with THC wax. Vape pens accommodate dabs, depending on the how the components of the pen fit together. These pens are also versatile; they can be used with CBD, whole herb, and other cannabis-derived products.

How is Marijuana Wax Made?

Manufacturers do not recommend that you attempt to create wax unless you really know what you are doing. The process is highly dangerous, and it’s much easier and safer to seek out this enjoyable substance from a dispensary.

To create the wax, buds are compressed compactly into a tube and then fired up with butane. What remains is a wax-like substance, also known as THC wax. As with any marijuana substance, winnowing the product down to its essential elements creates a strong and reliable product.

Other Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Wax is not the only kind of cannabis concentrate. There are several other products in this category of highly-concentrated substances.

  • Shatter is a very highly concentrated form of marijuana and may be the most potent of the dabs available.
  • Also known as kief, cannabis dust is a collection of the small crystals that typically rest atop marijuana buds.
  • Marijuana rosin is a type of sap squeezed out of the plant material. Rosin manufacturing does not use a solvent.
  • Creamy in consistency, budder is made with a chemical solvent which is then burned off of the substance before use.

Finding the Right Vape Pen for Cannabis Wax

Cannabis wax works with a variety of vape pens. In fact, vape pens are the perfect way to interact with the substance. But before you run out and purchase a vape pen, it’s important to do your research. Make sure that you read reviews, product guides, and descriptions of a vape pen before you buy it. Your future self will thank you.