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Be the best version of yourself.

Going to a recruitment event can feel a lot like going to a job interview at first; you’re looking for a place where you’ll fit in, a mission you can believe in, and people you’ll be happy to surround yourself with. Sisters are looking for the same. A saying my sorority used to use was “we want to take sisters, not make sisters.” Relax, be yourself, and show how YOU, as is, can be a great friend and asset.

Pay attention to guidelines.

Some campuses are strict about attire and procedures. Some are much more laid back. Pay attention to invitations, times, required attire and other important details. Don’t be afraid to contact a sister and ask – there is always someone ready to answer your questions! To be safe, it’s always better to slightly overdress than it is to under-dress. Most sisters will dress (if not otherwise stated) in casual work style – or, of course, you’ll see them in letters. But if the invitation states that it’s a semi-formal event, you’ll make a questionable impression if you show up in jeans.

Highlight your accomplishments.

Maybe you played soccer all throughout high school, ran a marathon, or have volunteered frequently throughout your life. Tell us! It’s okay to brag about your passions and your experience, even if you may think they’ve got nothing to do with Greek life. Sorority women look for potential sisters who are team players, who value themselves and their education and can commit to a cause.

Show that you understand what you’re committing to.

Greek life can offer a lot of positive things throughout your college experience and beyond, but it’s imperative to make sure you’re joining for the right reasons. While a large part of the draw to Greek life is the social life that comes with it, if this is your only reason for joining, you’ll quickly lose interest – because Greek life is much more than that. It offers friendships that can last a lifetime, connections and ties that will help you throughout your life, leadership skills, volunteer opportunities and much more. And as a sister, you’ll have to commit time, money, and effort on a regular basis. Show that you understand the commitment you would have to make as a sister, but also that you understand you’re getting an invaluable experience out of it.

Ask questions.

Sisters don’t expect you to walk into a recruitment event knowing all the ins and outs of Greek life. The purpose of these events is to get to know each other, so don’t be afraid to ask questions – even the tough ones! ASK about hazing policies (you’ll find that national fraternities and sororities have very strong anti-hazing policies), ASK about the financial and time commitments, ASK about the social life. Sisters want to give you as much information as possible, because the more informed you are, the better the fit will be when you make your decision.

Recruitment can be intimidating, but when you find the right group of girls, those feelings of anxiety will go away! Try not to buy into the stereotype that all sorority girls are judgmental, shallow people – if you do get this feeling from a group, you may want to try out another. What matters most is that you find people you feel comfortable with and who are bound by the same values and goals as you are. I promise you, the rest will fall into place. Good luck!

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