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Living the college lifestyle is all about balance; balance between studying, partying, exercising and hopefully sleeping. If you can learn to manage your time between each of these, you will be successful as a college student.


Studying is obviously an essential part of any college student’s life. All of us are different in our study habits and tendencies. Some people are visual learners, and others are audible learners. Know what works best for you! Making a study schedule a week before your tests is also helpful. Don’t be unreasonable with your time. If you know you’re going to be up all night studying, you may have to say no to going to late night froyo with your friends.


Partying is something almost all college students do, but you can’t make it the ONLY thing you do. Plan out your week. Decide which days will be okay for you to go out. If you have a test at 10 a.m. on Friday, you may have to skip going out that Thursday night for your friend’s birthday. Once again, being a successful college student means learning to say no when you have to. Dedicated partiers plan ahead and get assignments done before the due date in order to allow for more nights to go out.


Exercise is not always a big part of a college student’s life. Most of us become much less active once we leave high school and home. But keeping up a consistent exercise regimen can be essential to being a successful college student. Exercising will keep you sane. Stressed before a test? Go take a jog around campus and relieve some tension. Exercise also allows for more partying and junk food without the extra weight gain. Who doesn’t love that? Making a schedule and sticking to it is key. Wear your work out clothes to the class that is closest to the gym. Since you’re already dressed and ready to go you will be more inclined to go and actually work out. The days when you have that class can be your work out days.


Sleep is essential for any human being to function. As a college student I only have one tip for you: sleep whenever you can. We all know that sleep is hard to come by in college, so if you have a free hour in the day, by all means take a nap! You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to party or study your night away. I can’t say it enough, sleep whenever you can!

Once you find harmony with all the aspects of your life, college will seem like a breeze!

How do you stay balanced in your life at college?

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