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Every year there is the latest and greatest Apple product that people are in a frenzy over for a few months. So many people spend thousands of dollars on a new Macbook, only to throw it away a when they realize they don’t have the latest product. But for those college students on a budget, there is a way for you to grab hold of your very own Mac. This is not a tip for technophiles who gawk at the idea of using last year’s throwaways. But those of you who have a soft spot for that Apple computer and are unwilling to shell out that money for it, there is a simple way to have the latest technology in your computer now, for nearly 80% off. How to get a Mac at a discount? It just takes a few steps and little bit of patience!

This will be significantly easier for those who live in big cities or college towns with multiple universities. So what do you have to do?

  1. List all the universities in your area.
    This can range from big state schools to small technical colleges. The thing they have in common? A plethora of computers (some newer than others) and computer accessories.
  2. Call or email the IT departments of those universities.
    The thing about universities, especially design or technical schools, is that they often get technology grants that enable them to throw out their 2- to 5-year old computers to make room for new ones. The result? A slew of upgraded computers that are going to be sold at a huge discount!
  3. Make sure the schools’ technology sales are free-for-all.
    Oftentimes, it will be for university employees only (lucky you if you have a friend who works at the school!), but that isn’t the case for every school. ┬áMaybe your university is selling their computers in preparation for new ones. It doesn’t hurt to check!
  4. If it’s not the latest upgrade, you can probably afford to upgrade your new Mac for under $30.
    That’s the great thing about getting things at a huge discount; you can put in a big of the dirty work to make it a great deal.

Do you have any other tips on how to get a Mac at a discount? Let us know in the comments below.


Photo courtesy of Fernando de Sousa via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0).