Remember when I wrote that article about packing and unpacking efficiently when moving? Well I’m back with tips on how to pack light for the weekend. You know, when you visit friends in other schools, or you’re just heading home for a couple of days, you really don’t need to bring that suitcase that you always end up stuffing to the max. Read on to see how I can pack everything that I need for a weekend away into just one purse.

Realize that you don’t need anything “just in case”.

The Girl Guide in me used to always pack everything that might be needed. I might need bandaids. I might need two sweaters instead of one. It might rain. This goes on for a very long time. The important thing to realize is that you’re going to somebody’s home for a weekend – it’s not the middle of nowhere. If you forget something, they’ll probably have it. And no, you don’t need to bring a pillow. Or your curling iron. Or your hair dryer.

Divorce your laptop and textbooks for like, two days. Really.

The Internet isn’t going to cease to exist any time soon, and you aren’t going to die without it. Unless you desperately have work that you need to do (in which case, I suggest that you rethink going away in the first place), leave your laptop and textbooks where there are. I bet your friend has a computer that they can let you use anyway, and if you’re addicted to Facebook and Twitter, I suspect that you already have it on your phone.

Pack everything that you use in the morning.

That way, you’ll have enough product to fulfill your morning routines, whatever that means for you. I usually end up bringing five or six products along with me – lotion, face wash, face cream, lip balm…you get it. Oh, don’t forget your toothbrush. Though I guess your friend will have extras of those too.

You don’t need that much clothing.

Except for the Golden Laundry Rule (one pair of underwear for each day – the more underwear you have, the less laundry you have to do), everything else is forgivable. You don’t need to bring two changes of clothes for each day just in case you feel like wearing something different. You don’t need a new pair of jeans for each day. You just don’t.

Following these tips, I packed for a weekend away into the purse that I usually bring to the office (read: a regular sized bag).

Think you can do it? Comment below with what you bring for your weekend away!


Image courtesy of emmamccleary via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).