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Next to Beer Pong, Flip Cup is one of the most popular drinking games you will inevitably play in college. The nice thing about Flip Cup is that, because it is not included in the name, you don’t have to play this game with beer; any kind of hard liquor would suffice. Some basic knowledge of how to play Flip Cup is a must if you are heading to any college party.

So, if you do not know how to play or need a refresh, never fear–I’ve written down some instructions on how to play Flip Cup below. Oh, and of course, please drink responsibly.

What you’ll need to play Flip Cup:

  • 6-10 people, divided into 2 teams
  • 1 cup per player
  • long table
  • beer or hard liquor

How to play Flip Cup:

The object of the game is to relay race your way down a row of beer. Whichever team finishes their cups of alcohol first and successfully flips their cups, wins.

  1. Fill up each cup about 1/4 to 1/2 with beer. Or: put 2 shots of some hard liquor in each cup. Line up the teams along the sides of a long table, and place the cups in front of them.
  2. When a 3rd party yells GO!, the first members of the team needs to chug their drink.
  3. Once the players are finished with the drink, they need to place their cups back on the table. The cups need to be hanging slightly off the edge. Hit the bottom of the cup (the part that is hanging off the table) with your finger so that it flips up. It must land on its top before the next team member can start drinking.
  4. Continue down your line of team members until the last one has finished their drink and successfully flipped their cup upside down.

Variations to Flip Cup Rules:

You can make this a marathon race by starting each new game with a new starter. For example, in the second round, the 2nd player will start off the game (and the 1st player finishes off). In the third round, the 3rd player will start (and the 2nd player will finish) and so forth.


Photo courtesy of J Rosenfeld via Flickr (licensed under CC BY 2.0).

Need any more tips on how to play Flip Cup? Check out the video below.
How to Play Flip Cup

Do you play Flip Cup in College? What other games do you play? Post below in the comments section!