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Friends are like slices of cake in a bakery. There are so many that you like, but you only get to have one. You’re forced to pick. How? How do you pick one slice out of the plethora of awesome cake slices?! (I’m not at all kidding when I make this analogy. My friends are like slices of cake to me. There you have it, friends.)

They start to talk like you.

Best Friends Someecards 2

Let me be clear: this is incredibly annoying to everyone else. It’s not even like you two are the same person at all, you just suddenly sound exactly the same. You both have the same reactions, the same tone of voice, and the same odd sayings (how else do you think the insult “your face” picked up so much steam?).

You start craving the same foods.

Best Friends Someecards 3

This is food beyond pizza. You want sushi? So do they. Actually, you changed your mind to Indian? They did too. It’s bizarre, and it happens with me and my roommate at least once a week. You know what else happens? You start to get hungry around the same time too.

You’re jealous of the same people.

Best Friends Someecards

Okay, I’m usually one for positivity, but this one is just too damn true to leave out. You both sip your haterade at the same time. (Is this a phrase that people commonly use? If so, great. If not, see above.) Facebook stalking / honest commenting is a legitimate social activity with your best friend.

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