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Her hair. His shoes. She’s rude. He’s clingy.

Gossip. We like to think that it’s a high school thing, but the reality is that it’s here to stay – we’re just quieter about it. And every so often, it’s about you. And I am willing to bet that you would like to stop gossip before it spreads too far.

Own it.

Gossip and rumors are based on jealousy and it’s usually not really about you. That’s why they don’t make sense. “You’re a slut” often means “Damn, I wish I could get some”. “She looks so fat in that dress” usually means “I feel fat”. Don’t base your standards on what other people say!

Prove them wrong (quietly).

Did you hear somebody say that you were stupid? I did! Then I got really high marks…and I didn’t tell anybody what my mark was. You don’t need to prove yourself to anybody but yourself. Have the confidence to know who you are and what you stand for. That way, nobody can shake you and others will probably leave you alone.

Ignore it.

You’ve probably heard this one at least a hundred times. The more you react to gossip and rumors, the louder they’ll get. Ignoring it and moving on with your life shows strength, and it sends the message that you can’t be shaken that easily. They’ll drop it eventually – probably sooner rather than later. The less you care, the less they will care. It worked for me.

What do you do when you hear people talking about you?


Featured photo credit: Quasic via photopin ccImage courtesy of mpclemens via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).