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It’s that time of year again — back to school. And for those of you who couldn’t bear the thought of going back into dorm life have likely opted to move off-campus with your friends this year. According to a Metro News newspaper I found the other day, the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics have cited that 8.3 million people make the choice to live off-campus every year. So yes, RAs, dorm rules, swiping in your friends, and shared bathrooms are now a thing of the past. Unfortunately, so are the dozens of student helpers wearing neon t-shirts, free goodie bags, and a some-what organized method to get the thousands of families in and out of the dorms. Now that you don’t have the organized chaos to fall back on, here are some great survival tips to survive move-in day (courtesy of Metro News!).

1. Drink water.

Chances are, you are moving into your new home on one of the hottest days of the year. It’s going to be hot. You are no doubt going to be climbing endless flights of stairs, fitting into cramped places with whoever decided to help you move that day, and moving lots of furniture. You and your family members are going to be sweating up a storm, so to prevent any untimely accidents, keep yourself hydrated.

2. Stretch properly.

This is especially important considering our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. There are a ton of muscles you will be using while moving — muscles you didn’t even realize you had! As Metro News said, “a limber mover is a happy mover, so just give yourself a minute to stretch and save yourself from the sore-muscle shuffle the next morning.”

3. Consider furniture rental.

This was an interesting tip that I had never considered before, but it is a really valid option! You’re not going to be provided with bunk beds and desks any longer; that means you and your roommates are going to be splitting on a lot of costs for furniture. Splitting up costs for furniture with your roommates can be really tricky because you’re only going to be living there for 1 year (likely). Who would get the couch, and who would get the coffee table at the end of the day? Furniture rental could cut down moving expenses because it eliminates the need for a moving truck; they would deliver your furniture to you! Rental companies will vary by location, but if you’re based in New York, there is a furniture rental company called CORT that advertises rental packages starting at $99/month. You should know how to google by now, so put your internet research skills to use!

4. Take pictures.

It’s amazing how many people forget this step. Even if you inspected the apartment you’re about to move in before signing the lease, you really should take photos before filling the place with all your stuff. In a few weeks, you won’t remember that gash on the wall that was there well before you ever moved in. Taking pictures will prevent you from paying for damages you didn’t cause after you move out.

5. Be patient.

There is a lot of crap that is going on during move-in day. Traffic, heat, coordinating move-in times with your roommates, etc. — don’t let it get to you! Everyone is going to be slightly stressed. It will do you no good to snap at your parents; they’re there to help, for goodness sake! So be mindful of where you let out your temper!

Do you have any other tips on surviving off-campus move-in day? Let us know in the comments below!


Photo courtesy of meddygarnet via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).