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It’s reading week for me! I don’t know about you, but apparently some schools don’t have reading week?! I really hope that you do…I feel like this is a well-deserved break from classes.

I think I’ve finally started to burn out because of school, and procrastination is never an option for me, so I hauled my tushie all the way down the street to my local Starbucks. As if it’s ever a chore to go to Starbucks. I love it there. Usually I like to study in silence, but for some reason, Starbucks’ music is okay. It’s soothing, yet not intrusive either — perfect to get inspiration to study. Eventually the sounds of drink orders being called out makes me feel like I’m in a fancy café and it fades into the background. So what’s left? Me and my Psychology textbook. And my tall, non-fat, no-foam, half-sweet green tea latte. For some reason, the latte makes everything okay.

There’s something about being in a coffee shop that makes me stop counting the pages that I have left to read, or looking at the clock every two minutes to see how much time I’ve wasted worrying about how much work I have to do (instead of actually doing it). Even the free Wi-Fi isn’t distracting. So I start studying, and the next time I look up, it’s two hours later, and I’ve finished reading and making notes on thirty pages of the textbook. Now that is what I call productivity. (Okay, thirty pages doesn’t sound like a lot, but psychology is dense and I’m incredibly thorough!)

Also try your local coffee shop instead of a chain like Starbucks. It tends to be quieter and the service is incredibly friendly.

Bonus: in a coffee shop, somebody might just come up to you and strike up a conversation about…well, whatever you’re studying. This is what happened to me today at Starbucks, but I was doing homework. I mean really, nothing takes me away from homework. It’s funny because it’s true.

So if neither studying at home nor at the library appeals to you, try this instead to get inspiration to study!

Have any other methods to gather inspiration to study? Comment below!

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Lam.