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That horrible, awful, gut-wrenching, panic-inducing moment when your exam is in 10 hours and you don’t understand anything in your notes, your professor won’t answer your emails, and that really smart girl in your class is nowhere to be found. You start hyperventilating, holding back tears (and/or the desire to burn your textbook and give up entirely) and googling everything on your study guide. Nothing helps. You spend the rest of the night choking down Red Bull and calculating just how badly you can do and still pass the class. Finally, you give your notes one last read-through and hope that something sticks and pass out, just hours before your exam.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all survived that moment, some of us with slightly lower GPAs and others unscathed. But, did you ever finish a test and think, “Damn, if only someone could’ve explained this to me last night,” and shrug, figuring, “Well, I did the best I could, right?” Or, did you ever realize you needed a tutor but couldn’t find the time to get help between class, practice, and club meetings? Or maybe you just didn’t feel like trudging across campus to your professor’s office hours in the middle of a snow storm. Yeah, we’ve been there too.

What if we told you that never has to happen again? What if we told you that you could have on-demand tutoring whenever you need it for a small fee? Bonus: you don’t ever have to leave your dorm room to get it – it’s as easy as going online. Extra bonus: you never have to endure a middle-of-the-night panic attack due to a term paper or Statistics final ever again.

If you think we’re lying, check out InstaEDU. It’s the tutoring service we wish we had before we graduated!

InstaEDU Logo

Alison Founder InstaEdu

(Pictured above: InstaEDU co-founder Alison Johnston)

We had the wonderful experience of chatting with the folks at InstaEDU and learning all about their amazing online on-demand tutoring service! InstaEDU was originally founded in November of 2011  by Alison and Dan Johnston and Joey Shurtleff and launched publicly in beta in May of 2012 and again around August/September with more features. After running an in-home tutoring service and discovering that students needed a more accessible and more affordable means of getting homework help (and getting late-night calls from students with questions!) they started their brilliant business.

InstaEDU is a service that works with half college students and half high school students to provide immediate tutoring. You can easily access their site, connect with 1 of over 1,200 tutors from top schools (like Stamford, Harvard, Yale, etc.) around the country, and instant message, video chat, and use a collaborative white board together (perfect for math problems!) Plus, it only takes about 30 seconds to 2 minutes to connect with a tutor.

Their rates are student-friendly (read: really inexpensive) with a la carte tutoring at 75 cents per minute (for those moments of desperation when you just need to ask a question or 2) or scheduled tutoring sessions from 40 cents to 60 cents per minute, depending on how long your tutoring sessions are – the longer they are, the less they cost. As far as time options go, you can schedule tutoring sessions for 15 minutes per week, 30 minutes per week, or 2 hours per week for $9, $15, or $48 respectively, making it possible for you to get as much or as little help as you need right from your dorm room!

InstaEDUWorkspace Example

(Pictured above: an example of the InstaEDU workspace)

InstaEDU can also be helpful for students in more ways than one. For example, maybe you’re struggling in math, but you have always excelled in history. Not only can you get the tutoring you need in your worst subjects whenever you need it, you can also get paid to work as a tutor for your best subjects, right from your dorm and on your own schedule. Sounds like a college student’s dream job to us!

Sign up for a free trial or apply to work as a tutor. InstaEDU is definitely worth checking out. It’ll make surviving college that much easier and stress-free.

Will you be using InstaEDU’s on-demand tutoring service this semester?