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We know this country is capable of producing some incredible things, but when we heard professors at Penn State are working on developing an invisibility cloak, well, our patriotism just went sky high.

According to The Daily Collegian, the good folks at Penn State are trying to create a pyramid-shaped cloak, that when its antennae is adjusted properly, will make small objects underneath it appear invisible. “Essentially what they’ve done is taken this antennae technique and figured out a way to apply it to light,” writer Adrian Cho told the newspaper. “Then they can make it look like the light wave just reflected off the surface instead of hitting the object.”

So, no, you can’t make yourself invisible, but the idea is still pretty cool.

Right now, it’s in the beginning stages. There’s no telling if it will actually come to life because for some reason, light waves, metamaterials and nano structures are all very complicated matters.  “There are a lot of problems in terms of making it broadband so that you would cover all wave lengths that you’d be interested in covering,” David Smith, department chair of computer engineering and director of the center for metamaterials and integrated plasmonics at Duke University, said. “The requirements to have a functioning invisibility cloak are probably beyond even what we can foresee right now.”

The University of Rochester created something similar to this in 2014, but it wasn’t an actual cloak.

Would you love to the invisibility cloak come to life?