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It is Friday! So you know what that means? Jimmy Fallon videos! Us here are CampusRiot are basically the presidents of the Jimmy Fallon fan club. Hear that Jimmy? If you would like us to be on your show, we are totally down. Anyway, moving on.

Another person that we absolutely adore is Channing Tatum. Promoting his new movie Foxcatcher, Mr. Tatum joined Jimmy on The Tonight Show for some laughs, which ultimately (aside from like, looking adorable always) is what Channing Tatum is best at. Was he always this funny? What was he thinking making action movies? Comedy for life Channing. Comedy for life.

One thing we love about Jimmy Fallon is the weird games he makes his guests play. Remember that time he played beer pong with Chris Evans? Or all those times he has had people lip sync? Well this time he has Channing Tatum play box of lies. Essentially there are a bunch of boxes, they each pick one, and then they tell the other person what is in the box (WHAT’S IN THE BOX?). The catch? They might be lying and that is what the other person has to figure out. Channing Tatum is pretty good at this game. Better than Emma Stone that is.

After laughing so hard we now have six pack abs, we realized that there was a video from last month of Emma Stone playing the same game! Emma is our girl so we had to watch. Since it is Friday and cold and you probably skipped class to lay in bed and watch Gilmore Girls all day, we decided to throw them both in here for you.

You’re welcome.

What’s in the box?!