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Congratu-freaking-lations! The company saw your resume, called you up for a phone interview, met you in a face-to-face interview, and finally extended a job offer to you. You’re employed! Well…you’re almost employed. There are a few steps that people tend to forget about between the interview and the job offer, so pay attention! Otherwise you might not be employed. And that would suck.

DO NOT…stop talking to your recruiter.

Remember that they still have stuff to talk to you about even after you get an offer! They’re doing all of the coordination with management on your behalf. This goes for corporate (internal) recruiters as well. They’re responsible for getting all of your paperwork (see below).

DO…provide all of your paperwork. Fast.

You can’t get paid until the company has your paperwork. Simple as that. And if HR works anything like I do, they want to get it done and over with.

DO NOT…provide references that aren’t aware that they are your reference.

There are cases where people have provided references that say, “oh…really? They wrote me down as a reference? That’s interesting.” Not a good situation. You want your references to be prepared to tell people how amazing you are when companies check your references! Oh…I guess on that note…yeah, we really do check references. We just never tell you about them because it’s confidential.

DO…express your gratitude.

I love getting a “thank you”! I don’t get many of them. I would like more. Please? <insert smiley face here>

Getting a job is great and all, but it’s funny because about a month after you start, you’ll probably hate the long hours and the apparent lack of time to sit around and do absolutely nothing. But you’ll be employed. And that’s good. Best of luck in your career! Stay tuned for next week where I address common questions about the recruiting cycle.

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Image courtesy of jglsongs via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).