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At the beginning of every year, there is usually some sort of club fair hosted by the school. Any size school has tons of clubs. Larger schools may even have hundreds! It can be overwhelming as you walk through the rows of posters and people tell you why you should join their club. But it can also be a useful resource to attend these. My freshman year, I went to the club fair and signed up for about 20 different clubs. I ended up staying in only one or two, but I got an idea of all of the different opportunities and interests that other students have and what would interest me.

You should join at least one club in college because:

  • It will allow you to continue some of your interests and hobbies that you had in high school
  • Being in a club is a nice extracurricular activity outside of class
  • It looks good on your resume
  • You can meet new people
  • You can volunteer and do philanthropy work
  • You can get involved in your community
  • There is more than just student government and the environmental club: there are clubs that relate to your majors, language, food, art, politics, math, outdoors, physical activity, sports, the list goes on
  • it may allow you access to different types of resources or even field trips
  • Explore your interests in a hobby you’ve always wanted to try or learn more about

Or create your own! If you don’t see a club of your interest, create one of your own!

Don’t have that much free time due to your workload and other commitments? Other people have the same issue, so there may be some clubs that meet every other week or monthly.

So, attend the fair, sign up for a few, get a few emails, attend a few meetings, and feel it out! Next thing you know you’ll be learning all about politics ¬†and current events or raising money for the local homeless shelter!

Will you join a club this year?

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