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Take out your smartphone right now. I know you have one. Open Instagram and follow @joelstips. You can thank me in 30 days.


I’m not sure why it’s taken so long for something like this to happen.  Just The Tip, a web series exclusively on Instagram, will teach you things you never even knew you needed to know, all the while making you laugh…at dirty jokes…a lot of dirty jokes.  The star of the series is Joel Kahn, a 20-something foodie who has a girthy plethora of tips he’s ready to share.

Let’s be real. As much as we say we are perfectly capable of living on our own and taking care of ourselves, it would be really nice to have a maid (…or a mom) to do chores or cook for us – physical activities that exert an unfathomable amount of energy. Since we don’t have the money for a butler and because for some reason having your mom at college is looked down upon, Joel’s Instagram is seriously the next best thing. You can impress your significant other, grandma or whoever would swoon over the fact that you know how to make homemade syrup. Yes, you can learn this in 15 seconds. Is your mind blown yet?

This social media account is a gift to college students everywhere. Actually, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. On March 1st, 2015, Joel’s first tip will be revealed to the Instagram world. Throughout the rest of the month, Joel will post a video of himself demonstrating an invaluable tip each day for 30 straight days. With each post there will be the hashtag #WhipOutTheTips. Get your Instagrams and Twitters ready, people. Be sure to keep up on Joel’s latest tip – maybe you’ll finally find that one tip you didn’t even know you were searching for.

just the tip

just the tip

Sample tips:

“Store your greens in a dry paper towel, that way they won’t wilt…and no one likes when they get soft too soon.”

“Scientists will tell you that the best cure for a hangover is coffee and aspirin, but I like a little hair of the dog. For the record, I like everything else hairless.”

“Take bananas out of the bag as soon as you get home. That’ll keep them from turning brown…but sometimes you need a brown banana…when you make banana bread.”


Here’s a bit more about Joel: 

just the tip

Having escaped the heat of his native Miami, Florida, Joel studied Film and Television at Boston University. He then moved to Brooklyn and lived a freelance-y creative life, working on music videos, and most recently, creating and starring in Just the Tip. He has an infectious love for food and ridiculous puns (both of which are showcased here). He loves food that is bright, loud, spicy, sweet, Jewy, and surprising—not unlike himself. Previously, Joel starred in the series “The Broke Foodie” on the Gwist YouTube network. With that experience under his belt, he is excited to introduce Just the Tips on the fresh platform of Instagram with an array of new tips.

Follow Joel and his Just The Tip serioes on Instagram: @joelstips #WhipOutTheTips