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Keeping In Touch With College Friends Over The Summer

Summer is starting, which means jobs or internships, sun and leaving college behind for a few months. Let’s be real, we won’t miss the classes or the loads of homework, but we will definitely miss our friends at college. Even though it’s hard to leave the people who you are constantly with at school, it might be harder than you think to keep in touch with them during the three or four summer months you’re home. Follow these tips on how to stay in touch with your college friends when you go home for the summer!

Stay connected:

Even though this seems super obvious, it’s easy to forget to be in contact with someone. Send your friend a quick text every few days or call once a week to catch-up on the highlights. Skyping every other week is also a great way to stay in touch. It’s important to stay connected with your friends. You and your friends can make a Facebook group so you all can talk and keep each other updated.

Have a group text:

This is great if you have a close group of friends at school. Group texts are easy to keep track of and great for keeping each other updated on the regular. If you text the group text once or twice a week, it will spark conversation and get everyone talking. Group texts are also great because it saves you time from sending multiple text messages to multiple people about the same thing. Also, they’re great for sharing pictures or videos you’ve taken on your summer adventures!

Plan a trip:

Summer trips are always fun. Doing a trip with your friends can be anything from a road trip to a group trip to a planned location or a visit to a friend’s house. Make an effort to see each other in person. A weekend getaway with your college friends may be exactly what you need in the middle of the summer. You don’t have to only see your home friends during the summer.

Send letters:

Send your friends cute postcards you collect! Everyone loves getting mail. Send your friends fun postcards you pickup in random places and write cute inside jokes or quick stories. This is totally fun and old school.

Keeping in touch with college friends over the summer will also make the transition back to school in the fall easier. There is totally a difference between college friends and your friends from high school, and it can be easy to push your college friends aside when you are not in close proximity to them. You have to put in effort—don’t expect your friends to put in all the work! Reaching out to your friends throughout these warm months will be totally worth it once you’re back at school and in the years to come.

How do you plan on keeping in touch with your college friends?

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