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Alyssa Raiola is a sophomore the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and the Campus Rep for CampusRiot. 

Living away from our families is one of the biggest adjustments we face as college students. Granted, this freedom is what many students have looking forward to for a long time. But we miss those home cooked meals, those silly traditions and that undying support.

For our families, it’s even worse; they miss a ton when we’re away at school.  And sometimes, they have some funny ways of showing it. Skyping, texting, calling, or emailing our parents can be pretty amusing at times– especially since some of them aren’t quite as tech-savvy.

Even when their texts are spelled wrong or their Skype sessions never quite work, we do love hearing from our parents. But that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at some of their classic “parent moments!”

Here are 5 classic moments college students experience when keeping in touch with their parents:

1. The Autocorrect Awkwardness

Autocorrect makes all of us send some pretty funny texts, but this seems to be especially true for parents. These usually make for some pretty tweet worthy screenshots or great stories to tell your friends. Sometimes, they can get pretty awkward.

text 1

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 2. The Facebook Check In

The day that parents discovered Facebook was a dark day for all college students. We love seeing your cute statuses, but please, stop texting us about “that guy” you saw us in a picture with. Or even worse, commenting on everything we post and saying “love mom” at the end. We’re just messing though, we find your strange Facebook usage pretty amusing as well.


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3. The Abbreviation Confusion

To our parents, TTYL, BRB, and LOL can seem like a different language. Some, to combat this, some parents have decided to make up a texting slang language of their own. The result? More confusion (but also mostly laughter).



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 4. The Text Essay

Many parents don’t understand texting-etiquette. We all know the “How are you? How are classes? How are your friends? Did you find an internship?” kind of texts that go on and on. Even though it can be annoying at times, these long texts show you that your parents are thinking a lot about you when you’re at school.



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 5. The Let’s Talk NOW

Our parents miss us so much that sometimes they want to talk to us even when it may be inconvenient for us. But sometimes, even when you’re in the library studying for midterms (yes this happened to me), it’s relaxing to take a break and FaceTime with your family who won’t stop calling you because they’re all out to dinner together. Even if we always get missed calls in class or have to apologize for sending them a drunk text when we’re out, it’s nice to know how much our parents enjoy talking to us.


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What’s the most classic “parent mom” you’ve ever had while keeping in touch with your family?

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