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Guys. The dude in charge of the cafeteria at Kentucky Christian University has created one of the best videos we have ever seen.

So if we’re being completely honest, the campus cafeteria typically isn’t the highlight of everyone’s college experience. The food is gross. The food gets old. And we just wish we could eat Chipotle everyday instead.

Have you ever really thought of how the cafeteria workers feel about working there, though? Surely, those employees have some pet peeves about working in a cafeteria full of college students. Even though we’re technically adults, college students can definitely be inconsiderate and complete slobs sometimes.

So, the Food Service General at KCU has created a list of The 10 Commandments of the Cafeteria. Cafeteria workers across the country are praising this video — enough is enough. It’s about time somebody took the time to make this list about what dining hall employees are tired of dealing with.

All of the commandments would be seemingly common sense, especially to our parents and grandparents’ generations. Unfortunately, some of these things aren’t obvious to some college students (especially those who haven’t had a job in the food service/restaurant industry). If you are a frequent patron of your school’s cafeteria, you have to watch this video. If you already follow all of these 1o commandments, you are truly a wonderful human being. If you don’t follow them, well, you have some reevaluating to do.

1. Clean up after yourself. (We saw you drip that ketchup on the table. All you have to do is grab a napkin and wipe. Boom! You made someone’s life easier.)

2. Practice proper appliance etiquette. (If you don’t know how to use a toaster, ask before you break it.)

3. Don’t waste napkins. (Because no one likes a tree killer.)

4. Put silverware where it’s supposed to go. (Don’t throw it out you clown.)

5. Respect Ms. Wanda and the rest of staff. (Every school has a cute little old lady cafe worker. Treat her how you would your grandma. And everyone else there too.)

6. Don’t steal. (Really? You want to steal silverware? Should you be paying for college if you can’t afford to buy your own silverware? SMH.)

7. Practice good hygiene. (Please for the love of god wear shoes to the dining hall.)

8. Don’t put your bag in people’s way. (Put it under the table where people won’t trip and hurt themselves.)

9. Don’t block walkways. (Loitering in the cafeteria? You have better places to loiter.)

10. Don’t waste food. (There are starving kids in China.)



What do you think of this video from Kentucky Christian University?