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Like many others, it is my senior year of college and although the idea of being “out in the real world” scares the crap out of me, I am so excited to finally graduate.  Over the four years of college, you learn a lot about life and yourself.  I think there are many things that you should know by your senior year, things that will help your future.  I cringe at the idea of someone going to college and only learning things from their textbooks and professors.  Here are some things I think are important to know by your senior year of college.

1.  How to do their own laundry.

If you don’t, that’s just sad.  Get it together.  Don’t make me call your mother.


2.  How to write a resume and cover letter.

You should know how to  make working at McDonald’s sound like you worked at a gourmet restaurant.  To get the job, you need an interview, to get the interview, you need a resume and a cover letter.  These two things are so important and I can’t stress it enough.  Make sure your resume and cover letter are amazing.


3.  When not to go out.

Okay, now is not the time to slack.  You can afford to miss a class here and there Freshman and Sophomore year, but now is the time to get serious! No more little kid stuff.  You have obligations! Don’t get wasted the night before an exam, get your life together.  Come on, we’re so close to graduating!  Of course go out, hello, it’s your senior year, just pick and choose your battles.


4.  Where you can get student discounts.

The government only gives us 6 months after college to start paying off our loans, guys.  Save as much money as you can! Use and abuse that student discount at that Chinese place.  Your pockets will thank you later.

student discounts

5.  How to dress yourself for an interview.

I went to a couple of interviews recently and other college students were there for the same interview.  I couldn’t BELIEVE how some of them dressed for the interview.  I am all about being yourself and dressing however you like, but an interview is not the time to rebel!  You should not look like you were at a rave when you go on an interview.  If you need help, there are plenty of tips online.  Dress the part.  First impressions are lasting impressions.


6.  How to dress yourself. Period.

What you wear to class is not always acceptable for real life.  Also, how to dress for class and what’s acceptable.  Wearing club attire really isn’t the greatest idea for class.


7.  Know your drinking limit.

At parties I see the same people getting black out wasted all. the. time.  Nothing wrong with getting wasted occasionally (except for the hangover the next day) but getting wasted every weekend is not a good look.  And, it’s really not that good for you.  Alcohol has a ton of calories and if you get the drunchies, the drunk munchies, like I do then you’re probably going to eat some crappy food after the club or party and man, does that take a toll on your body.  Your future body will thank you. Not to mention, it is just not safe.

know when to drink

8.  Have an idea of what you would like to do after you graduate.

Have some goals and start working towards them now while we are still in school.  Things don’t always work out according to plan, but that’s okay.  Keep trying and keep setting goals.

number 8

9.  Know how to hold a conversation.

Once college ends, you’re going to have deeper and more intelligent conversations than, “Do you want Chipotle or should we go to Panera Bread?”  Be prepared to be asked about political views and other world events.  Trust me, I’m scared, too.  I don’t know a thing about politics.  We have to start now while we still have time!

number 9

10.  How to cook at least one decent meal without the use of a microwave.

This is a big deal.  Being able to cook a decent meal is like the unofficial sign of growing up.  If you can do it without the use of a recipe, even better!


11.  How to work the privacy settings on social media or know what pictures not to post.

Your future employers are going to most likely look at your social media sites to get an idea of what type of person you are.  So rethink posting that picture of yourself with that bag of weed.  Or know how to work the privacy settings on your social media accounts.  Better yet, how about you just not post a bag of weed on your instagram.


12.  Have an internship under your belt.

Do everything you can to get an internship.  Grades can only get you so far, experience is so important.  One of the most important things actually, so do everything you can to get an internship.


13.  How to B.S. a paper.

You know what?  Life happens sometimes.  Learn how to B.S. the crap out of a paper or a couple pages of it.  I don’t know why professors make us write long papers anyway, it’s very unlikely that we will write papers after college.  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  Life goes on.  B.S. that paper.


14.  Know how to fake it ’til you make it.

This could easily be taken to the extreme, but don’t take it there! That’s not what it’s meant for!  You may be starting an internship or a job and you’re so nervous, don’t let them see you sweat!! If you don’t have the confidence yet to perform the test, suck it up and pretend you do and soon enough you won’t have to fake the confidence because you will be confident.

fake it till you make it

15.  Focus on making memories.

Yes, this is a stressful time, but make sure you’re having a blast, too.  It will hurt less when you’re paying off your loans if you look back and have fond memories.  Keep making memories!  Take chances, this is it! ENJOY!!!

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