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Now that the summer is winding down, the true song of the summer can be decided. Usually it is a rousing pop song that you can’t ignore and can’t help but love. Last year it was probably “Get Lucky” and the year before that there was no denying that it was “Call Me Maybe.” This year we have a few ideas of what it should be. “Fancy” and “She Looks So Perfect” and “Shake it Off” are the first ones that come to mind, however after the VMAs, we have added an extra one into the mix: “Bang Bang” by Jesse J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. That. Song. Goes. Off.

Youtube musician and filmmaker Kurt Hugo Schneider covered the song recently on his channel with friends Sam Tsui and Max Schneider filling in the roles of Ariana and Jesse, respectively. The three guys sound great in their cover, and they are clearly having a lot of fun in the video. This trio has a tendency to cover…well, literally everything, and they have teamed up with the likes of Victoria Justice and many more in the past.

But, we kinda wish they hadn’t covered this song. One of the things that makes the original so great is the female agency that it exudes. The females in the song have more power in the relationship than females normally do in pop songs, and for once they aren’t objectified. The “I know you want it” in “Bang Bang” is a very different message than the “I know you want it” in “Blurred Lines” and it is an important difference. A really important difference. Kurt and Co’s cover is great as far as covers go, but as soon as this song is sung by dudes the agency is taken away and it’s kind of just another run of the mill pop song objectifying women. Bummer.

One thing that is not to be missed though is Kurt and Co’s full length film College Musical which is being live streamed on their channel tonight and has Allison Williams from Girls in it before she was Allison Williams from girls. Both the “Bang Bang” cover and the College Musical trailer are below.

Bang Bang

College Musical Trailer

What do you think of Kurt Schneider’s cover of “Bang Bang”?