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Learn to Dance from Kristen Wiig GIFs

Have you always wanted to learn how to dance? Do you love Kristen Wiig? Well, you have come the right place! Kristen Wiig definitely knows how to get her groove on, and has many different styles of dancing. Watch and learn from the expert! Brush up on your dancin’ skills for your next big party by watching the master!

Now that’s the attitude we like to see!

She can dance in any environment

She always finds a dance partner who understands her style of dancing

She knows how to stand out in a crowd while still being smooth

She knows how to incorporate unique moves such as the hair twirl

She feels the music in her soul

She reminds us that sometimes, it’s all about the arms

She can dance and sing along at the same time!

She plays the triangle! And wow, look at that leg kick.

She has a graceful sashay

And a really smooth hip swivel

She could be star of a Broadway show with these moves

She can even fit in at Woodstock

She gives the term “jazz hands” a new definition

And look at this amazing incorporation of food into dance

She definitely knows how to grab people’s attention

And changing up her look sometimes does the trick!

She can channel Harry Styles

And doesn’t let her shoulders take a rest

Let’s hear it for the dancing queen!

Hope these moves gave you some inspiration. We’re always inspired by this comedian and actress and hope that she does the same for you! Next time you go to a club or need to impress someone with your dance moves, remember what you’ve seen here today and next thing you know you’ll be the talk of the town!

What do you think of Kristen Wiig’s dance moves?

all GIFs via giphy

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