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Times have definitely changed, particularly how we speak to one another and those around us. For instance, the slang words I used in college are definitely not the same as those being used today. Sometimes I find myself saying “WTF” does that word mean? So, you can imagine how your professors feel when after class they hear you use phrases like “bae” and “on fleek.”

This is the inspiration for the video below. Lehigh University asked its staff to define a bunch of millennial slang words, and it’s incredible. It’s also a little depressing because there is one word in here that I too have never heard of before…

The staff tries to give their best (and most literal) explanations of the slang. For instance? FOMO. “Maybe it’s a sign that there are no parents at home. Father’s out, Mother’s out, so it’s FOMO,” one man says. Another? Bae. “At first I thought it was just an abbreviation for Beyonce, but then someone told it me it’s babe, sort for babe, cause that one syllable needs to be shortened.”


This video really is great, and it is also super eye-opening. After hearing professional and proper people say them out loud, the words sound a little ridiculous — particularly mupload.


Watch the video below, and we dare you to ask your professors to explain the meaning of these words!

What phrases did Lehigh University leave out?