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Nobody knows how to relax better than Leonardo DiCaprio.  When the guy isn’t busy working on movie sets or promoting his latest film, he’s either in the water or on the water in some tropical location with a Victoria’s Secret model. The guy works hard for his money, I’ll give him that, and he truly let’s loose and let’s go when it comes to having fun in the sun.  Obviously most of us can’t afford to rent a yacht, go to St. Barts, and ride jet-skis for our celebrations, but we can follow Leo’s tips on how to relax this summer.  So here’s some fun ways we can all act like Leonardo DiCaprio and embrace his confidence.

It’s hot, wear a baseball cap:

leonardo dicaprio

Not a snapback, not a fedora, a baseball cap.  Leo is forever seen with a baseball cap permanently attached to his head whenever he’s out and about having fun. It’s a perfect way to not get sunburn and keep the sun out of your eyes.

Got buns, hun:

leonardo dicaprio
No, not hamburger buns, I mean a literal bun on top of your head.  Another Leo essential, whether your playing in the pool or barbecuing, push your hair back and rock a “man-bun” or that bun you used to wear when going to dance class.

Dress comfortably:


In Leo’s case, that means, dress terribly. I love the guy, but off the red carpet, his M.O is truly comfort over style. So take a note from Leo’s book and don’t worry about looking your best, but about staying cool in the heat and relaxing by the pool.

Dance Like No One (When Everyone) Is Watching:


Leo knows the paparazzi is always watching and snapping pics, but does that stop him from performing what looks like moves from the “Karate Kid” on one of his yachts.  No it sure doesn’t and it shouldn’t stop you either from doing it in your grandma’s pool.

Let It All Hang Loose:


You trying to get that perfect bikini body to parade around the pool isn’t necessary. Embrace your imperfections and just be happy.  Leo doesn’t work out 24/7 and he’s photographed parading around in a bathing suit constantly with that Dad Bod and a long bushy beard.  Go grab another hamburger and stock up on desserts!

What lessons have you learned from Leonardo DiCaprio?