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It seems like Santa is coming after everyone who is naughty at Liberty University.

The incredible video below, shows Josh Rich, a student at the Lynchburg, Virginia college, dressed as Santa Claus.  Throughout the 2:58 video, he randomly goes up to his classmates, and out of no where, starts a pillow fight with them, for no real reason at all.

Some of the people are totally into it, participating by gently and cautiously hitting Santa in the head, and vice versa. However, there were others who seemed to attack more ferociously, to the point where Rich’s Santa hat comes flying off. Then there were those who wanted nothing at all to do with this stunt — we’re looking at you, dude at 1:20 mark.

Again, we’re not sure why Rich and his crew did this, but we think it’s a pretty fantastic way to spread holiday cheer. See for yourselves:

Also, check out Liberty University’s YouTube channel, they have some pretty awesome videos about their school on there as well.

What do you think of this Liberty University prank?