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No, I did not find a boyfriend while waiting in the ER, although I was certainly in the waiting room long enough to do so. (Insert grumbling Canadian here.) What I did find, however, was an extraordinary amount of dedication and love. From small acts of kindness to personal sacrifices, my five-hour wait in the ER was nothing short of inspiring.

Let me set the scene for you.

I drove a friend to the ER. It was 9 pm and my phone was at 46% battery. Cue panic attack. I wish I had brought my phone charger. You would think that I would know better than to leave my apartment without it but uh, I didn’t. Anyway, my friend checked in and we began the shorter-than-usual but still-very-long wait to see a doctor. The stories that follow happened after I was in the waiting room for about two hours.

The Small Act of Kindness


Watching your phone battery slowly deteriorate when you have no idea how late you will be out is a terrifying experience. Who knows if this will be the one time that you actually need to call somebody for help? Luckily, there was a group of three guys waiting next to me, and they were addicted to their phones. One of them had the charger that I needed and he was nice enough to let me charge my phone for a while. Talk about a relief. Thanks, strangers.

The Loving Friends


A girl burst into the ER wearing a university sweater. She was panicked. Her eyes quickly scanned the waiting room and she couldn’t find her friend, so she talked to the triage nurse who calmly told her to sit and wait for her friend to be released. So she did. She fidgeted for a few minutes before pulling a textbook out of her backpack. When her friend was released two hours later, it seemed like a bad case of the flu. Textbook Girl shared some coffee and muffins with her friend before calling a cab. Flu Girl has a very loving friend.

The Exhausted Family


When I got to the ER, there was one family sitting at the back. Around midnight, they all started to fall asleep, but each refused to leave, even when the father suggested that they head home and get some rest. Eventually, the father fell asleep too. I was at the ER until 2 am and didn’t see their loved one get released. That’s dedication.

The Hilarious Family


When I first got to the ER, it seemed like broken ankle day. I think there were three people with broken ankles waiting to be seen, including a father-son duo. They spent two hours making fun of each other, eating pizza, and racing each other to the bathroom. They made the entire ER waiting room smile.

The general resistance to leaving the ER, no matter what the problem was, was inspiring to my 2 am state of mind. It’s nice to be reminded of how much love there is in this world.

What has inspired you lately?


Featured Image courtesy of KOMUnews via Flickr (CC-BY-2.0).