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We love college and stuff, but not as much as we could because our best friend from home isn’t there by our side. Going our separate ways has forced us to become long distance BFFs. And yes, it can be just as difficult as having a long distance relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Our best friends are people we wish we could turn to whenever anything happens in life — during happy times, sad times, funny times, or frustrating times. The reality is that our long distance BFFs can’t be there physically whenever we would like them to be. Thankfully, though, today’s technology allows us to keep in touch in multiple ways. Don’t fall out of touch with your bestie. Follow these 10 tips to be the best friend anyone could have.


1. Post on her Facebook wall at least once a week

This post could be anything. All friendships are different, so obviously it has to be something relevant to both of you. YouTube videos are usually a good start. Whether it’s a cute video of falling puppies or Louis C.K. doing a hilarious sketch, definitely post something on their wall that will brighten their day and make them laugh.

2. Be ready to drop everything if she calls you. Whatever you’re doing can wait.

There is no phone call in the world more important than a call from your bestie. These days, you don’t get to talk as much as you’d like. So, when you’re on the silent floor of the library and your phone starts buzzing with your friend’s photo ID popping up, pick up that phone. It gives you a good excuse to leave the lib for a bit and catch up with your friend. Chances are, it’s important since she isn’t communicating with you via texting or social media. Pick up your phone, your friend needs you!

3. Text each other consistently through out the week…even if it’s just emoji stories.

Sometimes something as simple as a text message could brighten someone’s day, especially if it’s from the person who understands you like no one else in the world. College friends are great and all. But sometimes you need to share a joke or vent via texting to your friend who has no idea what you’re referring to, and thus and reserves any kind of judgment.


4. Give her a heartfelt Christmas gift.

This is your best friend we’re talking about here. You’d get your boyfriend/girlfriend a Christmas gift, wouldn’t you? So you definitely should get you best friend something as well. They’ve been with you through it all. Buy them something, or better yet make them something that shows your appreciation of their friendship.

5. Two words: Face Time.

Maybe you can’t Facetime like you can text all the time — we get it, life gets busy. But when you have a spare moment, Facetime your bestie! Even if she misses your call on accident, at least she knows your thinkin about her. Chances are she’ll call back asap anyway.


6. Plan trips to visit each other.

You’re both in different towns now, which is sad, but every cloud has a silver lining. This gives you both an excuse to travel and take on a new town/city together. She’ll show you her digs and you can show her yours. What’s better than going to your favorite college bar with you best friends from college? Going with your best friend from home, too.

7. Snail mail is cool too.

Getting a letter in the mail nowadays is unheard of. Make your friend feel special and send her a handwritten message. Don’t forget to sneak a piece of chocolate in that envelop too.

8. Have a go-to “place” when you’re both home.

There’s something beautiful about having constants in our lives. Some things change, but others don’t have to. When you two are back in your hometown, do things that you used to do when you both lived there. Go to your favorite restaurant or coffee shop and eat some unhealthy food just like the good ‘ol days.

9. Snapchat her more than anyone else.

This is self-explanatory. This is what Snapchat is really made for – sending the ugliest pictures possible to your BFF, who does the same in return.


10. Remember why you were both such great friends in the first place.

Your friendship with your best friend is unlike any other friendship you’ve had in the world. You two have the same sense of humor, share the same values, and overall just get each other. Things change and life goes by fast – do not take your BFF’s friendship for granted.



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How is your long distance relationship with your BFF?