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Workout? Who… me?

Sometimes you might go on a little (or long) hiatus from working out. Well, we can definitely relate. Sometimes with a busy schedule, a work out is hard to fit in and suddenly weeks have gone by without exercising! Getting back on your game can be tough, and we feel your pain. Each day you think to yourself, tomorrow will be the day that I get back on my workout grind…and then tomorrow comes and you’re like…I would so much rather watch this episode of House of Cards than get up and go for a run right now, lifting up my glass to my mouth is like lifting a weight–this is definitely enough. And then one day, when you realize spring break is right around the corner you suddenly leap off the couch, put on your work out gear and enthusiastically go to the gym! The struggles of getting back out there are real and we feel them too.

Here’s how we see it:

It’s been a while, but you can’t wait to get back out there!


Ellie Goulding Running

okay, ellie….


Running collaps

Working out with a friend for motivation will get you back on your game!


corgis tredmill



Lifting weights is a great idea!


Lifting weights


Mr Potato Head lifting

Trying to be fancy with some cool tricks…


Ball Bike


Dog doing leg lifts

All the things you wish would work and pretend like they do anyway:

Homer Tredmill

horizontal running

Vacuum dog

How you feel afterwards:

dragging cat

While things may not always turn out the way you want them to or expect them to, do not be discouraged! Stay out there and keep working every day and soon you’ll be back in shape! Staying fit in college can be hard, with so many distractions and other things you would rather be occupying your time with, but remember that your main priority should be your body and your health!

How do you stay on your work out game?

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