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I can’t emphasize enough that the holidays are a time for good friends, good fun, and really, really good food. After all, as the saying goes, everything in moderation, except moderation! Unfortunately, eating a lot of delicious food usually means that you’re going to gain some weight. (Just for the record, I don’t regret eating the delicious food at all.) So what’s my strategy for losing the holiday weight?

Stay healthy

Crash diets are always a bad idea when losing weight. Seriously, there is no good reason to go on a crash diet. You’ll be cranky, tired, and malnourished. You also can’t stay on a crash diet forever, and the weight will probably come back as soon as you stop dieting. Remember the story about the tortoise and the hare? Slow and steady wins the race.

Keep a food diary

I know how it goes. You’re really good about what you’re eating for about a week, and then you realize that you’re really stressed because of school, and you start eating whatever you want. That’s why I keep a food diary. It makes me accountable for what I eat. I mean, I wouldn’t want to write “ten chocolate bars” into my food diary. This discourages me from eating, well, you know, ten chocolate bars…

Exercise… on the off hours

Now, if you read my New Year’s Resolutions post, you’ll remember that I don’t go to the gym, ever. But the awesome thing about my school is that we have a hip hop dance club, and I happen to love hip hop! Exercising doesn’t mean that you need to run on a treadmill and pump iron. It just means that you need to get up and move around! Play a sport that you like, walk a further distance, or try that new Zumba class. If you’re one for the gym, though, I suggest going during the off hours for the first few weeks of 2013. The gym tends to be full of New Year’s Resolutioners in January.

What’s your plan for losing weight after the holidays? Let us know!


Image courtesy of dsearls via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).