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Chynna Mela is a senior journalism student at Temple University and an SC Campus Representative. She can usually be found planning her fall wedding to Harry Styles, attempting to become the female version of Perez Hilton, or eating peanut butter straight from the jar. Check out more posts by her here.

Philadelphia is known for quite a few things. Some, such as Rocky and cheesesteaks, we brag about. Others such as our sports fans throwing snowballs at Santa Claus we’re not too proud of. Thanks to Made in America Philadelphia is now gaining recognition for hosting one of the hottest (literally and figuratively: we’re talkin’ August in Philadelphia) music festivals in America. Made in America had its first run in 2012 and after its wide success is back for round three (and is even branching out to LA.) Last week they released the full two-day lineup (completely curated by none other than King of America Jay-Z  himself. Made in America is his brainchild) in a video and complete havoc struck Twitter. So.Many.Good.Artists.

The line-up is packed with enormous talent and big names. As expected people were quick to celebrate the upcoming performances of the headliners such as:

This guy who couldn’t wait to tell his bro, Darren, that “Yeezus” (Kanye West for those of you not hip with nicknames) is performing.

This girl who is equally as excited for Kanye, but just because he is now 1/8 a Kardashian.

This girl who is willing to bribe with tequila based drinks for a buddy to see Kings of Leon with.

 And whatever this girl means. Is throwing cake at people a thing now?  

You’ll be Happy to know that Pharrell (sorry I had to), The National, and Tiesto also hold performance spots, but what about the other acts? I saw a lot of tweets and heard a lot of whispers that went something along the lines of “I DON’T KNOW ANY OF THESE OTHER ACTS THEY SUCK”, and I beg to differ. A lot of the performers you ARE familiar with, and if you aren’t a lot of them you SHOULD be familiar with. Don’t fret. I’m here to give you a quick rundown of some of the other acts. Now you will actually stay at the festival to hear more music once you are done Keeping up with Kanye as he performs his encore (I’m not apologizing for that one).    


1.  The Neighbourhood  

You have absolutely sung along to this song, or have read the lyrics as the caption to a girl’s Instagram selfie of her wearing an oversized sweater sipping a chai from Starbucks.

2.  City and Colour

City and Colour delivers extremely chill music perfect for a rainy day, or ya know, a sunny music festival.

3. Bleachers

Bleachers are currently gaining recognition from their catchy and upbeat song “I Wanna Get Better” and I’m willing to bet that by August a lot more people will be excited to see them perform.


C’mon. You know you like listening to this because it makes you feel bad@$$.

5.  Spoon

Excellent alternative rock music. Just go ahead and listen to their entire album, Transference. Acts like this will balance out the rap and house music of the others creating the most pleasing of lineups.

8. R3hab

I’m not a liar when it comes to music. I won’t pretend that I listen to something when I don’t, and this genre of music is beyond far off of my radar. I don’t have a clue who R3hab is, but this song of theirs has over eight million views and I KNOW some of those viewers have to live in Philly, so cheers.

9. Chromeo

When I listen to Chromeo’s songs I feel like a small 1980’s version of me takes over and moves my feet while teasing my hair. Could be a good look for the festival.

10. Girl Talk

GIRL. TALK. IS. SO. COOL. The video above is their complete album, but all of their songs sort of mesh together. You’ll see.


For a full list of Made in America’s lineup head to their website. You will find ticket information there too, and once you listen to the songs above and read who the rest of the performers are I know you will want to buy one. P.S: there are still six artists left to be announced.

Are you going to Made in America?

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