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Deciding a major in college is a big step. It can sometimes leave you feeling like you have might have made the wrong choice, or that there will be no career for you after graduation. This is only made worse by the ridiculous studies that are constantly being posted stating that because of you major you will fail at life. The constant questioning from fellow students, professors and family members of “ what is your major?” followed by “ what do you plan to do with that degree?”  Is one that will leave you stuttering for answer that you can’t think of, subsequently cause an anxiety attack. Don’t let the naysayers and the uncertainty get you down, there are great careers for every major.

Computer Science

Computer Science

One of the largest growing majors in the last few years. You learn how to understand computers and their programing, different languages such as; C++ and Java. But all this doesn’t mean you are going to be fixing computers. Along with computer jargon, you learn how to problem solve, which is one of the greatest assets in a career. Here are 3 of the top jobs you can have in the computer science field:

1.Software Engineer

2. Business Analyst

3. Web Developer


Journalism Microphones

This is such a wide spectrum of areas to study, anywhere from journalism, to human interaction, to tv. You are sure to get people who automatically assume that you want to be a major tv personality or a head writer for the New York Times. While those aren’t bad goals, there are many other careers that communications can bring you.

1. Internal communications

2. Publicist

3. Advertising

 Music Theory

Piano Musician Pianist

Studying the art and history of music can lead to more careers than one might imagine. If you love music, but don’t want to perform there are plenty of options that you can profit from with a a degree in music. Many people actually do two jobs with their vast knowledge of music.

1. Teacher

2. Music Critic

3. Music Therapist


Editor Definition

Whenever somebody says they are an English major, there is usually someone in the room who will question what the heck you are going to do with that?  If your first and only answer isn’t to become an English teacher don’t worry. According to English majors have some of the higest paying jobs. From this major you will learn correct punctuation, grammar, and critical thinking.

1. Human Resources

2. Marketing and Communications manager

3. Managing Editor

Art History

Art Museum

Art history majors usually have a interest that spans from museums to interest in cultures. You don’t want  to be an artist, but you love the world of it and want to spend your life immersed in the culture.

1. Art Appraiser

2. Historic Preservation Specialist

3. Museum/ Gallery Curator

Social Science


You have interested it what makes people who they are. You probably study gender, race, society , and celebrities. But what is there  to do with all this knowledge? listed the top ten majors for sociology majors. Some may blow your mind.

1. Government

2. Social Worker

3. City Manager Advisor

 Criminal Justice

Legal Assistant

The demand for criminal justice majors is growing at a fast pace. Even though you may want to become a police officer, the help this major will give you expands into many different areas. You may or may not be standing over a dead while placing your sunglasses on and saying a sassy quip.

1. Court Reporter

2.Private Investigator

3. Legal Secretary

There are many majors that can lead to a plethora of careers. Do research, work hard, and don’t listen to people who don’t know what they are talking about.  So I’ll ask the dreaded question…

What do plan on doing with your major?