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It’s that time of year again: finals week! That time when you have projects and papers due every day, and you spend more time studying in the library than you do sleeping. Needless to say, it’s a stressful and exhausting week as a college student. To help you survive the end of the semester, here’s how to make your own finals survival kit. Or, if you’re not feeling the stress of exams, you can make one for a friend who really needs it. Fill it with some of the following goodies to help exam week feel a little more bearable!

  • Make late-night studying better with fun study aids like post-its in different shapes or neon highlighters.
  • Everyone loves mindless snacking while buried in your textbooks. Include yummy snacks such as individual popcorn bags, chocolate, granola bars, or cracker packs.
  • Write encouraging notes that motivate you to keep going like “You can do it!” and “Only one more test to go!”
  • Throw in some cozy accessories for those rare hours that you actually get to sleep or relax. Think a little stuffed animal, a soft fleece blanket, or fuzzy slippers.
  • Christmas is right around the corner and as you chug through finals you’re most likely already dreaming of home. Add some of your favorite holiday treats like homemade cookies or candy canes to put you in the holiday spirit!
  • Finally, every college student needs extra energy to make it through all the 2 a.m. study sessions and all-nighters. Put in coffee, tea, Red Bull, or anything that will give you that extra boost

Finals week is always a tough time for college students, because there are so many exams, projects, presentations, and papers all due at once. It can be extremely overwhelming and sometimes it seems impossible to get through it all. With a finals survival kit, finals week can feel a lot less stressful. If you don’t have the time or energy to make your own, ask your parents to send one to you as a care package! Open a new treat each day to add some inspiration and excitement to all those long hours of studying.

What would you add to your finals survival kit? Tell us in the comments!

Featured photo credit: Anomalily via photopin cc